Thursday, 21 June 2012

Decision at Osnabruck

Our first campaign game came to a close on thursday and resulted in a victory for Hanenburg, though for much of the time the Saxphalians held the upper hand.  Their initial assault had caught the defenders on the back foot and it was only the arrival of significant reinforcements which eventually tipped the battle in the favour of the Hanenburg forces.  Having forced the Hanenburg right flank to retire Erics' dragoons quickly dealt with the newly arrived enemy cavalry causing heavy casualties and blocking off the route for the infantry following close on their heels. 

Hanenburg Horse Artillery fire in support of their hard pressed cavalry.

The idea appeared to be for the attacking cavalry and their supporting infantry to sweep around the defenders' right flank and cutting them off from the road to Osnabruck.  However lack of numbers began to tell and as more and more Hanenburg infantry poured on to the field of battle Erics' attack began to run out of steam.  In addition to this the Saxphalian right and centre were beginning to crumble under the pressure of repeated attacks by the Hanenburg left.  These Saxphalian forces had a large percentage of second class and militia troops and their lack of training and experience eventually began to tell.

The Hanenburg left having held the line for much of the battle begin to counter-attack.

The fighting was still fierce in the centre with the Saxphalians committing troops to capture and hold the strategically important central village.  Dom captured it only to be thrown out in his turn by Nicks infantry who were themselves then ejected by an attack from the flank by Erics forces. Unperturbed by this setback Neils troops now charged in to recapture the village but were only able to hold it for one turn as Eric threw in yet more reserves to reclaim possession. 

Erics' troops occupy the central position only to be thrown out once again by Neils' infantry.

Incredibly there was one more throw of the dice for the Hanenburgers and they charged in once more to wrest control of the village from the enemy for a final time.  In all the village had changed hands four times but there was no fight left in the Saxphalian infantry and they were forced to concede the position.  This signalled the end of the action for both sides, the Saxphalians began a withdrawal from the field secure in the knowledge that their cavalry was sufficient to ward off any attempt at pursuit.  The Hanenburgers held the field and began the process of reorganisation.

Hanenburg infantry from Neils command retake the central village for the last time.

In summary it was a hard fought game with victory not certain until the closing moves.  An aggressive and well constructed plan had nearly paid off for the Saxphalians, and it was largely Nicks' decision to march his reserves overnight to support Osnabruck that saved the day for Hanenburg.  These troops were given a movement penalty throughout the game and the cavalry was only able charge two thirds of its normal range.  In addition the cavalry also had an extra round of walkabout to carry out after a withdrawal.  As might be expected casualties were heaviest for the Saxphalian infantry who were eventually outnumberd and outgunned.  This said the Saxphalian cavalry aquitted itself admirably and caused heavy losses to their opposite numbers at little cost to themselves.

Erics' left wing having fought all day finally begins to tire.

For those interested the forces deployed were as follows:


1st Hanover Cavalry ( arrived turn 6)
2 x 24 Dragoons 1 x 24 Hussars

2nd Hanover Division
2 x 32 Veteran, 3 x 32 1st Class, 2 x 32 2nd Class, 1 x 4 gun 6lbr foot bty. (arrived turn 6)

3rd Hanover Division
1 x 32 Veteran, 1 x 32 1st Class, 4 x 32 2nd Class, 2 x 32 Militia, 1 x 4 gun 6lbr foot bty.


5th Cavalry Brigade
2 x 32 Dragoons.

10th Infantry Division
1 x 36 Veteran, 2 x 26 1st Class, 3 x 36 2nd Class, 5 x 36 Militia.

Note: Due to the relatively small numbers involved infantry numbers were increased by 100% and cavalry by 50%.

So one battle down and probably lots more to come, we meet again tonight to move the counters around the map.


Rafael Pardo said...

What a wonderful pictures! I like your "dark" Germans

scott davidson said...

What an interesting blog, introduced by a thought-provoking photo. The unusual wall painting of the dwellings is also a strangely modern interpretation. Something like this hieroglyphic view of a park by Swiss painter Paul Klee,
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