Tuesday, 6 March 2012

We have now reached turn thirteen of the allotted twenty four and the game is still very much in the balance.  Despite the large disparity in numbers and the fact that the Austrian army has been forced to withdraw to a second defensive line the victory conditions imposed on the French make achieving a decisive result very difficult.  Of course I won't disclose what those conditions are just yet as I believe that one or two of the Austrian players may occasionally read my blog posts and this would only make life harder for the French.

The Italian Division which along with the Polish Division comprises the French left wing.  These are mostly Old Glory figures interspersed with a few from Front Rank and were all painted by Dom.

A quick run through of last Wednesdays' events is in order, so taking things from the French right Steve's Swiss troops now appear to have turned what remains of the Austrian left flank and he is busy trying to catch up with his fast retiring foes.  In the centre right the Austrians have almost totally disappeared leaving the odd token battalion behind in an attempt to slow down any pursuit.  Steve is also being hampered by a shortage of light cavalry to carry out the pursuit.

The French position, in the foreground six battalions of Young Guard move into the area vacated by the Austrian left, and in the centre, a strangely immobile Wurtemburg division shuffles around a bit.  In the distance can be seen the Poles and Italians with the newly arrived heavy cavalry.

In the centre the Wurtemburg division is gradually moving its artillery into place in order to support  an attack against the Austrian centre.  It was here that, as I reported in the last blog entry a large cavalry engagement took place between the light cavalry of both sides.  I was somewhat fatalistic about the whole thing as time after time when using cavalry in melee the ability to throw sixes has eluded me.  I am however happy to report that not only was I able to beat Dom's cavalry in three separate combats but that I also, in one particular round of combat threw nine sixes from twenty four dice.  Perhaps the worm has turned, we shall see.

The Austrian side of the battle, a picture of general withdrawal with, in the bottom of the shot signs of Steve's Swiss troops pursuing the Austrian left wing.

On the French centre left the Poles having seen their opponents retreat after being charged are now pushing ahead having been bolstered by the arrival of three regiments of cuirassier.  The introduction of this heavy battle cavalry has forced the Austrian infantry opposing them to form square.
    Finally, on the French left we had previously called it a night with the Italians poised to charge against two forty eight man Austrian battalions and on resumption this was precisely what they did.  Mark, the Austrian commander decided to charge back at the French with one of the battalions and stand and fire with the other.  Neither option proved particularly successful and the result was one battalion in rout and another cut down to a man. This has opened up the Austrian right wing somewhat and they have responded by forming a gun line made up of four batteries on the only suitable ground available.  The result of this has of course left the Austrian centre very weak and it will no doubt be the task of the Poles to try and drive a wedge through the enemy position.

An understandably nervous Austrian grenz battalion suddenly comes to the realisation that everyone else has legged it.

The game continues on Thursday evening when we may even be graced by the presence of the garages' Torbay contingent, and who knows I might well be reporting on this fight for a couple of weeks to come.  Finally, a couple of posts ago I showed a picture or two of the new Front Rank Russian Guard battalions which were painted by "Reinforcements by Post" out there in Bangladeshland.  As the original photos didn't really do them justice here's another look at some of them.

Two of the six new Russian Guard battalions which are amongst some of the latest arrivals here at the garage, flags as always by GMB.


Sgt Steiner said...

Excellent eye candy as always and the new Ivan Guard look superb

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Always a treat to visit the garage blog. Great looking figures!

Rodger said...

Beautiful stuff.

Unknown said...

Holy mother of Kazan - that is an impressive site.

Great work, keep up the crazy !

Unknown said...

correction - impressive sight.

And an impressive _site_ as well :)

DaveD said...

Lovely eye candy again Noel.

Phil said...

Very impressive photos! Those figs look great.

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Great troops!