Wednesday, 1 February 2012

The Russians Bite Back

Thursday nights' continuation of our river crossing scenario looked on the whole to be a matter of the French consolidating their bridgeheads and driving the Russians further back into an increasingly constrained defensive arc.  Events however were to turn in favour of the Russians who fought tenaciously and forced the French back across the river at two of the four crossing points.
Some of the triumphant but exhausted defenders of the Russian right wing.  Only three of the original six battalions from this division remain.

The evening started badly for Erics' French command when his small force which had made it across the river were assaulted by Russian infantry and he was unable to roll anything above a four in firing and combat.  His luck doggedly refused to improve and as the night wore on his position became more and more tenuous.  Eventually his entire command was forced to retire back across the river and ended the first day pretty much where he had started.

The redoubt now clear of guns remains in Russian control despite Nicks' efforts to capture it.
On Erics' immediate right Nick having forced the defending battery to rout began streaming his infantry across the bridge in an attempt to take the high ground and establish a bridgehead.  Following some initial success Nick was eventually forced back and though he finished the day with troops on the enemy side of the bridge it was decided that these should withdraw overnight. 
A mixture of Germans Swiss and Young Guard push into the suburbs of the Russian position.

Happily from the French perspective the evening wasn't a total disaster.  On the right they were able to not only force their way across but also reorganise and push back the Russian defenders.  This was of course done with the benefit of a flank attack which gave Mark the Russian commander no option other than to retire in the best order he could.  The French were also able to gain control of the string of woods which face the left flank of the Russian position which is now at right angles to the right flank.

Lancers of the Duchy of Warsaw about to ride down another Russian defender. 

So a game which was firmly in French control has now swung some way back towards the Russians though just how much so remains to be seen.  The French have suffered remarkably few casualties crossing the river and now have the Russians couped up into a small area.  They will need to maintain pressure on the two lost crossings if only in order to tie down Russian forces and will have to think carefully about where they are going to put in their main attack.  For the Russians there is the decision of where to deploy the Guard with its' six gun twelve pounder battery and whether and where to attempt a counter attack.  The Russians have received substantial reinforcements but have the problem of not enough space to deploy them, they will also need to rotate their fresh divisions into the line to relieve some of the more battered ones.

Two of the six Russian Guard battalions which have recently arrived at the garage.  These are Front Rank Figures and were painted by "Reinforcements by Post".

The second day will see a slight realignment of the lines and limited redeployment before it gets under way.  It looks very much like being an infantry heavy fight as despite the fact that each side is fielding a heavy cavalry division as well as a host of light cavalry the area for manoeuvre is severely limited.  The French will be hoping to break the Russian line at some point though they will be wary of taking heavy casualties as in this game victory points are being awarded for each destroyed enemy unit.  At the moment they have a significant lead.  The Russians will of course be trying to hold their line while inflicting heavy losses and very likely attempting a localised counter-attack probably headed by their Imperial Guard division.


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