Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Grinding to a halt

Having battled their way across four bridges and forcing the Russian defenders very firmly on to the back foot, the French are now in almost all parts of the battlefield in full retreat or back at their original starting point.  It's surprising just how drastic the turn around has been.  On the French left Eric has had a game he'll more than likely quickly want to forget.  Very little has gone right for him and once the Russians were able to reinforce the troops opposing him his chances of recrossing the river were always very slim.  To his credit this didn't stop him trying and he devised some novel tactics to gain a foothold, though these were sadly all in vain.

The left hand table which is now cleared of French troops, and the Russians are once again in control of the redoubt.

In the centre left position Nick's troops have been expelled from the redoubt which they had captured at such cost and any further attempts to recross the river will have to be made in the face of Russian cuirassier.  Needless to say Nick appears to be showing no intention of attempting a further crossing and is instead concentrating his artillery on the far bank possibly hoping that the Russians will attempt a counter attack.

Poles and Swiss stream away from the fighting in the centre right sector having been soundly beaten by the Russian Imperial Guard.

As the picture above shows, it's in the centre right of the French line where the change of fortune is most startling.  These troops started day two of the battle in possession of a large, established bridgehead and were in an excellent position to thrust into the Russian centre.  However six battalions of Russian Guard were relocated to the area and these were enough to turn the tables.  After several costly melees almost the entire force of two, nine battalion infantry divisions is either in retreat or rout.

The French far right, heavy cavalry await the appearance of Russian infantry from the woods.

On the extreme right of the French line the Russians have retaken possession of the woods they originally held on day one and have routed six of the nine defending battalions from the table.  However the French have ample heavy cavalry posted here to forestall much development of this advantage by the Russians. 

Westphalian infantry, Elite miniatures painted by Neil Sheardown, part of the German Division.

It appears that the only formation which has so far escaped untouched on the French side is the Young Guard which is presently bogged down in cover sheltering from the attentions of the Russian Guard twelve pounder battery.  It's unlikely that these will be able to have much effect on the game at this late stage and if this were a campaign game I'm sure that their commander would be getting them out of harms way as soon as possible.

I think that despite all of the initial indications this one will be chalked up as a win for the Russians, while it is true that they have suffered more casualties than the French they still hold almost all of the ground that they did when the game started and it will be the French who will have to retire from the field .  Tomorrow night may see one or two moves in order to tidy up the victory conditions and then the toys will go away for a short time before re-emerging for their next rumble.  Whether this will be a campaign game or another one off remains to be seen.


Anonymous said...

The Russians never really worried about casualty levels as long as they won the battle, so a very historic victory methinks!

Stryker said...

Hi Noel - another really impressive game! I keep meaning to ask you sometime to do a post on how you make your terrain units as I'm thinking of dabbling and I really like your system.