Saturday, 3 December 2011

The run in to Christmas

It looks as if we're heading into another period of minimal activity in the garage as the Christmas holidays draw closer so the likelihood is of more one off games to allow us to thoroughly test any proposed rule amendments.  On Thursday evening with only four of us being able to make it we decided to wrap up the previous weeks' game and Eric, who has a knack for these things quickly devised an attack and defence scenario to further test our theories. 

A couple of squadrons of Elite Miniatures lancers part of a French contingent which has been making life difficult for the Russian infantry.

The scenario set a Russian force, initially of two infantry divisions, against a defending French and Allied force also of two divisions.  The French had the advantage of holding a defensive line between two villages while the Russians were able to deploy anywhere along their side of the table.  Things went quite well for the Russians on the right where a veteran division of six battalions and a three gun battery were able to force the French defenders from the woods to their front.  The arrival of a further division allowed them to maintain the momentum of the attack and with the advantage of numbers and the French left is now looking a little shaky. 

The Russian attack on the left has run into problems after trying to assault a dug in enemy.

On the Russian left however, things didn't go so well.  The nine battalions supported by a six gun battery found it difficult to dislodge an enemy which was almost equal to it in strength and were forced back to regroup.  This allowed a hole to appear in the centre of the Russian position which the French lancers gleefully exploited by running down a couple of battalions.  This wasn't helped by the Russian commanders' inability to throw the correct dice for the arrival of reserves and the light cavalry division of two Hussar and one Uhlan regiments didn't make an appearance until the last turn of the evening. 

French line infantry garrisoning one of the villages on the Russian left.  The village has been very kindly loaned to me by Mark Freeth who runs Wargames Holiday Centre.

So the game remains quite balanced and though I suspect there may be more troops yet to arrive on the French side much will rely on how effectively the Russians can use their cavalry to isolate the two French divisions by pushing through the centre.  We'll have to wait until next week when there should be one or two more players available to command the reserves.

    Finally I'd just like to say thanks to those kind folks who took the trouble to place a comment on last weeks post.  In answer to Doc's question, using ITGM the Russians in the village can fire at the supporting French battalion as long as the skirmishers are within four inches of it.  Casualties are shared with one in three coming off of the skirmishers.  When the French charge (if they do) the skirmishers are automatically moved to the rear of the battalion and take no part in any subsequent melee.

A recent new arrival to the garage is this regiment of thirty six Austrian uhlans.  Elite miniatures once again.  Unfortunately Dom appears to have fixed their lances with flour and water as most of them have fallen off.  Still they're very pretty and make a most welcome addition to the Austrian cavalry arm.



Stryker said...

Hi Noel - looks really good as always. I think having the spacing between infantry columns is visually more pleasing as well as probably historically correct. Great stuff!


Vinnie said...

Always loved looking at your games they are a true inspiration

Rafael Pardo said...

Your lanciers, French or Austrian, are very impressive!
Best regards

Rodger said...

Wonderful photos. The Elite troops do paint up very nice.

Phil said...

Great photos and figs, specially austrian artillery...