Sunday, 18 December 2011

It was a slow, quiet evening at the garage on Thursday.  Our ad-hoc game had pretty much run its course and we were all aware that we needed to have everything put away before starting the next campaign battle which as I previously mentioned pits the Austrian juggernaut against a handful of Bavarians.
    Still we have had a chance to test out some of the rule amendments which we came up with and everyone seems happy with the new skirmisher rules.  I particularly like the idea of stopping overhead firing by artillery though we haven't really had too much chance to see how that might affect one of the larger games.  However it certainly makes people consider their artillery deployment regarding lanes of fire instead of the usual mad rush to the nearest hilltop.
A Brigade of Hesse-Darmstadt troops take position in and around a village.
As a matter of fact we were so efficient in clearing the figures away once we'd agreed there was little left to play on that I completely forgot to take any photographs of the proceedings.  So I've been out in the garage setting up a few "action" shots and browsing my photo library for something to lighten up the obligatory waffle. 
Another posed shot, this time French infantry advance in support of an eight pound foot battery.  All figures from Elite miniatures, the infantry were all painted by Neil Sheardown who sadly no longer paints.

I've been having all sorts of problems with Blogspot lately.  The primary one being that I appear unable to leave comments on other peoples' blogs.  I know it works because I've been successful in the past but now I regularly go through the rigmarole of making my comment and copying down the squiggly word only to find that I'm back at my own blog and being asked to sign in once again.  This is particularly frustrating because from my own experience I know how important comments are to those who produce blogs.  They are I suppose a form of validation from like minded individuals and let's be honest there's a fair degree of pleasure in reading the nice things people have to say about your toys.  I will of course persist in trying to make comments but I do have a low tolerance threshold when it comes to repeatedly entering the same comment only to have it disappear in to the ether.

Poles posing for the camera this time.  These beauties were all painted by Justin Davey and are once again all from Elite.

While I'm on the subject of comments, Doc mentioned that he hadn't heard of Firing Line miniatures so I did a bit of checking and it appears they were bought by Bicorne Miniatures in 2001.  At the time they were the only producers of Wurtemburgers that I was aware of though now Front Rank have stepped up to the plate with a release of Wurtemburg infantry.  I believe Front Rank will be adding artillery and cavalry in the New Year.

Russian Grenadiers advancing with a little support from their Prussian friends.

That's about all for now it only remains for me to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year.  There may be a brief hiatus over the holiday period but normal service will resume with hopefully some news of the latest battle in the campaign.


Anonymous said...

Easiest way to get over the comments thing is to book out of blogger and then book back in again-but do not tick the "keep me signed in" box. That's how I got my comments going again.

Stryker said...

You have some great toys there Noel but I think those Poles are simply superb!


Rafael Pardo said...

The Hesse-Darmstadt brigade of the first picture is really superb!

Matt: I had your same problem with Explorer 9, so I use Firefox instead, at least for blogger


Battlescale said...

Merry Christmas Garage Gang! .. Thanks for the inspirational posts during 2011. I look forward to moe in 2012.
All the best.

Scottswargaming said...

Good looking forces, and nice terrain pieces there.

Rodger said...

Wonderful photos, as always.

Itinerant said...

I agree on the comments...comment. Anyway, one reason to do this blog thing is to have a conversation. Therefore, if no one comments the conversation is kind of flat.

I'm fairly new to this and have had just a small amount of comments. But it feels good when you get them.

Der Alte Fritz said...

Those Poles are really great posers!

I like the Hesse Darmstadt troops too and that farm yard is top notch terrain too.

I will make more of an effort to leave comments on your blog. This is one of my favorite places to visit as I really like the Gilder rules and you and your group have done a terrific job of keeping the Gilder Flame going.


Steve Gill said...

This is one of my favourite blogs, very much appreciated, but I've not previously commented to that effect.

Why not? Not sure, perhaps a reticence about butting in.

Happy to correct that and looking forward to future posts.

Dom said...

I do read the blog! ;) Merry Christmas to all the blog followers (is there an official word for this in the blogosphere?). The selection of toys at the shed is pretty incredible in the relatively short time that Noel has been collecting them. The big DIY project for the new year is shelving for the tables in order to allow some of the new arrivals to be stored safely and for trays of troops to be stowed away during the game. Thats a potential blog entry in itself, for those who enjoy carpentry!

Doc Smith said...

Thanks Noel! I'll look forward to those FR Wurttemburgers in the New Year (and Roger Murrow's Poles if he can get them made!) Those Darmstadters look fantastic too - great photo. Merry Christmas to you and all the Garage-gamers from sunny Down Under!


Vinnie said...

Still love seeing all those fantastically painted Elite Miniatures..thanks for the images

Gamer in Exile said...

Which company makes the castings for those lovely Hesse-Darmstadt troops?