Monday, 8 August 2011

The Battle of the river Spree, End of Day One and Day Two

Following on, albeit a little late, from my last post the Allies despite a last gasp attack by the remainder of Justins' division were able to secure a viable bridgehead over the Spree before night fell and the various commands were reorganised prior to the next days fighting.

Having crossed the western bridges, Nicks' Russians reorganise and push on to try and wipe out the remainder of Steve's command.

Steve withdrew the division which had suffered so much at the hands of the Allied guns and formed his new line to the East.  However things looked dire for his position as once again the Allies were able to use their superior artillery numbers to fire directly into his flank across the river whilst simultaneously pushing fresh units into a frontal attack.  There was little coming in the way of help from the remainder of the French army which arrived sporadically on the far side of the back table as day two wore on only to be faced with Prussian and Russian heavy cavalry. 

The French eventually begin to arrive across the rear table but are delayed by large numbers of Allied cavalry.

This deployment led to a major confrontation between the two cavalry arms when French Cuirassier and Dragoons charged into three regiments of Prussian heavy cavalry which made up the Allied right.  The fight lasted for three rounds of combat but in the final round the Prussians were heavily outnumbered by fresh French cavalry and were bloodily defeated.  On the Allied left the Russian Guard Cavalry were opposed primarily by infantry and gave ground slowly though not without some loss.

The Prussian survivors of the cavalry melee finally break and flee.

Things were not going so well however for the French on the other side of the Spree.  Nicks' juggernaut continued to drive back Steve's battered battalions supported by heavy cavalry and uhlans and with the added impetus of the Russian Guard infantry. 

Russian Guard Infantry supported by a smattering of Prussian Battalions head eastwards in support of the Russian attack.

This was the situation at close of play on Thursday evening.  With Steve trying to maintain his lines against ever increasing pressure, whilst the French relief columns battle their way through the delaying forces of the Allies.  It appears that the Allied tactic is one of crossing the Spree once the last of the French have been cleared from the Southern bank and then holding the river line themselves in order to stop the remainder of the French army.  Whether they can do this in time is dependent on whether Napoleons force can reach the river line quickly enough to stop them crossing, though at the moment this looks unlikely.

The remnants of Steve's Corps prepare themselves for another Allied onlaught.


Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

As always very impressive figure count of nicely painted miniatures on your tables!


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Fantastic. Layout and figures are wonderful. I love the photos.

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That is an awe inspiring and highly inspirationl battle

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What an impressive game! Much lead...

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The Prussian masses look very menacing in their dark uniforms!
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