Friday, 1 April 2011

The Meat Grinder

This battle is starting to resemble some of the later clashes during the Napoleonic wars, when tactical finesse was abandoned for the battering ram approach.  With only two more turns until nightfall both sides are feeding in more troops in order to do the maximum amount of damage to the enemy before darkness calls a halt to proceedings.

Prussians of V Corps advancing into the area swept clear of enemy by their superior weight of artillery.

Nearly all of the troops from both sides are now fighting on the rear table and the French are slowly being forced back by the Allies on their right flank and in the centre.  However Dom's troops  holding the French left have inflicted reverses on Erics' hard pressed Austrians, the fighting here seems to have been particularly fierce.

Austrian Jaeger and Grenz form square in the face of freshly arriving Cuirassiers.

The French have received some reinforcements during the game but these have had limited effect due to the space available to deploy them.  On the other hand the Russian reinforcements for the Allieswhich have a whole tables worth of space to arrive on have failed to materialise.  It's worth pointing out that this is a two day game so doubtless the Russians will eventually get their chance and will be a useful fresh formation to spearhead the Allies next assault. 

Wurtemburgers from the reserve corps are thrown in to shore up the French left.

At the moment we don't know how Dom is going to reflect the casualties from this days fighting into the second day.  I asked him on Wednesday night but he remained tight lipped, which means he doesn't know either.  Either way it should be interesting to see what effect the losses have on the various formations, for instance having fought practically non stop throughout the game on the French right, Nick's light cavalry division is now practically non existent.  The same goes for the Prussian heavies that they were fighting against who have also lost heavily.

Chaos in the French centre as pinned guns and infantry in square are about to be charged by the Prussians.

I think it's been four weeks now that we've been playing this game but it will certainly be over next week and then it'll be on to Dom's megolamania part two.  I wouldn't be too surprised to see all of the dead formations reconstituted as new ones just so that he can get more stuff on the tables.  However hopefully we'll have Neil back in a couple of weeks time and we'll be able to start the new campaign that he's planning.

Part of the French reinforcements, a heavy cavalry division, pour onto the table but are in no position to have much effect.  In the middle distance is the fight for the centre.

 Another good thing about Neil returning is that he'll be bringing his camera and we won't have to put up with my digital Pentax, which in all honesty isn't really sufficient for this type of photography. 


Galpy said...

man you guys don't do anything buy halves what a great looking table and game

Stryker said...

Nothing wrong with your photos Noel - more stiring stuff!


Ravenfeeder said...

The pictures are great Noel! I particularly like the last panoramic one.
Have fun

Captain Richard's miniature Civil War said...

Great shots of the table and figs.

Rafael Pardo said...

Wow! what a battle! I love the big battalions!

Sgt Steiner said...


Just getting into Napoleonics (after years of avoidance) and your stuff is truly awesome !


Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

WoW! That's one amazing board!