Sunday, 24 April 2011

Decision Time

Our current game appears to have reached the point of decision for the French in particular.  Nick the French commander needs to decide where he is going to use his reinforcements to achieve the best result and time is running out.  He has an as yet unrevealed force marching on table, which I strongly suspect to be an infantry division and he also has his reserve young guard formation, eight battalions strong.  The choices are a little limited, firstly he can decide to reinforce his defensive line and hold out until nightfall.  Secondly he can choose an area for a counter attack and go for it hoping that the rest of his line can hold off the remaining Allies.

French and Polish troops move into position for a possible assault on the Austrian lines.

On the Allied side the good news is that the Russians have finally appeared and are moving into position behind the embattled Austrian lines.  True enough they have taken their sweet time, but their chances of ever being involved  improved drastically when Eric decided to take on the responsibility for rolling the dice for their arrival following my own pitiful attempts.  The two infantry divisions and a division of heavy cavalry should hopefully be enough for the Allies to either stem the French tide or even put in another assault.

The thin white line, Erics' Austrians await the possible onslaught.  The boards are used to mark units which haven't yet been spotted by the enemy.

On the Allied left the Prussian artillery has seen off its opposite numbers on the French side leaving the French right bereft of guns.  This should hopefully (I say hopefully because it's my command) allow the Prussians to get forward once they've concentrated on softening up the opposing infantry for a few turns.  There was an inclonclusive melee in the area around the village which forms the main strong point of the French line.  Three battalions of French and four of Prussians fought each other to a stalemate and both were forced to pull back to reorganise. 

Much of what is left of the French cavalry facing the Prussians, a squadron of lancers line up a tempting target.  Come and have a go if you think you're hard enough.

Wednesday night was unique in 2011 as it was the first time that all eight of us were present at once.  As well as catching up with all the normal nonsense, we were able to set a date for our first visit to the new Wargames Holiday Centre.  We decided on the weekend 15-17 July and will be fighting the battle of Marengo so that'll be something to look forward to.

The Prussians forming the Allied left reform after a severe tussle with the French defenders.

Once again Justin turned up with some more of his lovely command figures and though he was somewhat dismissive about them I think they're very nice indeed.  He's currently working on something which he constantly refers to as project X which hopefully is wargames related, though knowing Justin it could just as easily be a time machine.  There are even dark hints of Projects X2 and X3.  Who knows where it will end?

Austrian staff officers, hussars and grenadiers.  The figures are by Elite miniatures I think

I can't imagine us finishing the battle next week but we should have a better idea of which way it's going to go so watch this space for further updates.


Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Your tables always amaze me!


Sgt Steiner said...

This is all just so impressive

Ray Rousell said...

Wow, the game looks very impressive!

Stryker said...

Inspiring stuff as always!


Doc Smith said...

Now Noel I realise this may provoke a reaction similar to that of Neil discovering the Jammy Dodgers are missing BUT I do enjoy visiting your blog and drooling copiously at the masses of lead marching over acres of terrain table, so I've nominated you for an award. Its a pay-it-forward chain-mail type award thingy BUT it is peer recognition of a great blog. So there. You may wish to indulge in this communal blog back-slapping:

Get the award logo and stick it up on your blog page if you like, you've earned it!


Noel said...

Doc, many thanks for the vote of confidence I'm really pleased that you and others are enjoying the blog. Any ideas where the award thing originated? Without wishing to sound like a miserable bugger it seems to bear all the hallmarks of those phishing emails which are constantly doing the rounds.

Doc Smith said...

Noel - not a grumpy old bugger at all - well, no worse than me I'm sure! I followed the links from the one I was originally sent by Miles (Lair of the UberGeek blog) and got about six reincarnations back to some fantasy blog - then gave up. I scanned the jpeg logo & checked the metadata behind it - all clear - just in case, before I passed it on/posted it on my blog. I try and do my 'due diligence' before I pass any link or object on, so it should be quite harmless, unlike your Russian cuirassiers.

You can now feel free to bask in the glory of your award!


Noel said...

Doc, thanks for the follow up comment. I've no idea what all that metadata gubbins is about but I'm sure you know your stuff. Even if it had been from a spurious source it wouldn't have detracted from the fact that you were kind enough to send it. Many thanks again.