Saturday, 16 April 2011

Business As Usual

We kicked off the second day of Dom's scenario on wednesday evening with the French forces hemmed in to an almost semi-circular defensive position facing the Prussians on their right and the Austrians on their left.

The French reserve, Middle and Young Guard battalions await the call to action.

On the Allied left things continued much as before with the Prussians trying to force the French right further and further back.  Many of the Prussian units saw no action on the first day and are therefore fresh and at 100% strength.  Once again the Prussians are attempting to make a hole with their artillery before sending in the infantry to exploit the situation.  At the same time they are engaging the flanks of the French right and are in a good position to capture the wood which forms the French extreme right.

Prussian Infantry and divisional cavalry wait patiently for the guns to soften up the French right.

On their left however the French appear to be thinking about making a breakout and have massed a large amount of infantry with heavy cavalry support opposite the Austrians.  In response to this move Eric has set his Austrian hordes up in a defensive position though he appears to have the facility to switch to the offensive should the opportunity materialise.

Part of Erics' defenses, six pounder artillery supported by infantry.

Reserves are once again a talking point Dom arrived armed with a pack of cards and each side had to select one to discover when they can start rolling for reinforcements.  Quite how the rolling works is still a mystery as I selected a sufficiently high enough card to discount any chance of them arriving for some time yet.  Who knows?  By the time the Russians finally arrive it could be over one way or the other.

Yet another of Justins' lovely command bases which he brought along this week, this is one of the excellent Calpe Prussian sets.

Next week it looks as if we'll have a full house for the first time in ages, which means eight of us in all.  I just hope the biscuits can take the strain. 


Battlescale said...

Lovely stuff ... I'm so envious!

Sgt Steiner said...

Excellent stuff those big bttns look excellent

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

The sheer amount of lovely painted miniatures on the table is amazing!


Vinnie said...

Your collection is just mind boggling...who does your painting?

Noel said...

Some were bought via ebay so I don't know about those but the largest contributor has been Neil Sheardown. I've highlighted his stuff in a couple of previous entries. Other than that the rest are painted by friends and myself.