Monday, 22 November 2010

We continued last weeks game on Wednesday, there being just the eight of us this time as Steve had to work.  Once again the Allies attempted to push forwards and were in each case repulsed.  Dom attacking across some pretty awful ground was unable to make any real headway against Neils' confederation troops and ended the evening with a large part of his infantry in retreat.  To be fair he did throw some consistently poor morale dice for his troops but even if they had held on for another turn or two the outcome was never really in question. 

A combination of tough terrain stalwart defending by Neil and fickle dice Gods leave Doms' Austrians with nowhere to go but backwards.

Things were no better for the Allies on the other table, Justins' Russian line division having lost the support of its foot battery attempted to slog onwards against French guard and elite troops with the almost inevitable consequence that nearly the whole division ended the evening in rout.

"Routed Ground" markers litter the area where Justins' Russians had been just moments before.  In the background three elite, (yes elite, and each one with a staff officer) regiments of Russian cuirassier make their entrance.

For this game Eric has introduced a reinforcement system based on escalation.  Basically on a given turn the Allied commander was asked if he wished to escalate the battle by deploying one of a number of optional reserve formations.  If he decided to deploy reserves then the French were allowed to do the same from the reserves which they had available.  In this case the Allied commander decided to bring on his cuirassier division and fortunately for the French their choice was also a cavalry division consisting of two regiments of dragoons and two light cavalry regiments.  The next choice of whether to deploy reserves fell to the French four or five turns later.  However being happy with the state of the battle and extremely wary of Erics' blatantly Francophobe orbat they decided not to utilise their reserves thereby denying any fresh troops to the Allies.

The Russian Elite division, two guard and four elite battalions.  Possibly the Allies last remaining hope for victory.

With the game stalemated on the Allied right and their centre in tatters it appears that the one real chance of a victory in this game will come from their left where the Russian elites are currently advancing to take on the weakened French guard division who are still holding on to their original defensive line.  If they can break through then they may be able to roll up the extended French line giving Doms' remaining Austrians the opportunity to break through against Neil.

Front Rank Austrian hussars,  I know the colour combination isn't everyones' cup of tea but I think they're lovely, and I get to choose the photos.

So will the Russians break through?  Can Neil hold on?  Will Eric ever discover how the kettle works?  Answers to all of these questions and more in the next installment after Wednesdays game.


Ravenfeeder said...

Noel, I know my ego is big enough for two men, but there were only 7 bodies in the shed last week and 8 the week before.

There IS too much terrain. I was seduced by Justin's lovely marsh dioramas after the battlefield was complete.

Where are the lovely pictures of all those French dragoons cresting the rise?

Have fun

Noel said...

Ah, it would appear I haven't told you about the garage ghost yet.
No complaints about the terrain it's kept Dom from steamrollering us :)

Rafael Pardo said...

I love these Austrian Hussars!

Chris Cornwell said...

I that the Billy Smart's Hussar regt??

Noel said...

They are as you well know, the Von Vecsey Hussars, looks like you're travelling to Scarborough in the boot this time.


Captain Richard's miniature Civil War said...

Great looking ...table...miniatures, everything