Wednesday, 17 November 2010

A Matter of Balance.

We had a full house for last thursdays game which meant nine of us in the garage.  Understandably it was a little crowded but we were able to get a new game started and play the first nine turns.  This is another game designed by Eric and is loosely based on the aftermath of our previous game.  The French orbat is very similar to the previous one though some losses have been factored in, for instance the Elite division has lost two of its elite young guard battalions.

Russian Hussars manouevering past a new piece of marsh terrain, one of a couple which Justin kindly brought along on the night.

The Allied orbat on the other hand has undergone some radical changes.  Following the loss of their entire Prussian Corps the poor things are having to make do with a fresh Russian corps including a Russian elite division and yet another elite twelve pounder battery.  In addition to this they have just deployed three regiments of cuirassier plus a horse battery and this is only the stuff that the French can see.  The likelihood of more Russians and even a division of Prussians arriving is high.

Doms' Austrians in a bit of a log jam attempting to head towards their supply lines.

The scenario is one of pursuing French forces moving parrallel to their Austrian counterparts in order to keep them cut off from supply.  This movement is stopped by the appearance of the Russian forces who have immediately attacked the head of the French column.  Their initial attack has so far been unsuccesful but it would appear that numbers must eventually tell.

A division of Russian infantry advancing to test their mettle against French Elite and Guard troops
  in a defensive position.

The initial turns have in general gone the way of the French including an early cavalry melee in which a couple of light cavalry squadrons gave some Russian uhlans a bit of a pasting for no loss to themselves.  In addition the first Russian attack on the French held village at the centre of the table has been repulsed though not without some loss to the defenders.  The arrival of the Russian Cuirassier will doubtless make things very difficult for French to carry out any counter attacks as what little cavalry they have is on the other table facing off another Allied cavalry division.

The view from behind the French lines during the first Russian assault.

We continue the game tonight with all but Steve present and it should prove an interesting if tough task for the French players.  There is still the option for more reserves to be deployed and the decision whether or not to do so may be key to the final outcome.
    As a final point all of the above photos were taken by Andy using a tripod and a long shutter speed (I think that's the right term).  personally I think they're really nice and hopefully we can look forward to loads more of Andy's pics in the future.


David Dormvik said...

Absolutely inspiring photos! I would love to see more of the new march terrain, looks really good.

Galpy said...

Can i just say wow those armies look amazing it must have been a great game sad to hear about the loss though