Thursday, 12 August 2010

French Victory at Seehausen

The campaign game at Seehausen came to an end last night by mutual consent of both sides.  Nicks' attack floundered against Erics' defence and it was agreed that no further purpose would be served by continuing.  So what went wrong for the Allies who have so far been the dominant side in the campaign?  Well with the 20-20 vision of hindsight Nicks' decision to attack through the centre was always going to be difficult to carry out.  The Allied right was open terrain and Nick sensibly placed heavy cavalry there, though he also placed a heavy division on his left wing where the ground was much less favourable to cavalry.

The battlefield from the mid left of the Allied line.  Prussians attempt to get forward against the French held villages but are thwarted by cavalry and lines of infantry.

This splitting of his cavalry strength left Nick at a numerical disadvantage on the right where his squadrons were soundly beaten by the French heavies.  From this point onwards the task for the Allies was going to be extremely difficult.  The infantry supporting the Allied cavalry was unable to advance and therefore spent the rest of the game trading artillery at long range and the French with their left flank now secure were able to channel more reserves into the centre.

Line infantry supported by Landwehr, having finally cleared the woods on each flank find themselves unable to reach their objective due to heavy fire and heavy cavalry.

With both flanks stalemated the game now revolved around the fight for the two villages in the centre.  The right hand one of the two from the Allied side was to be assaulted by the Russians and the left hand one by Prussians.  The Russians had by far the more difficult task, their right flank was now threatened by cavalry and the front of the village was an area of broken ground making a frontal assault almost impossible.

Russian troops try in vain to get past the various obstacles in their path in order to launch an assault on the village.  French reserves, by this time outnumbering the attackers wait to counter attack.

On the Russian left the Prussians pushed slowly forward but having taken too long to clear the woods on their flanks found the French well positioned and ready for them.  With too much of their strength used up forcing single battalions out of the woods the remaining Prussians were never going to be able to absorb the casualties they would incur assaulting the village and they began to edge left in order to avoid the volley fire of French lines.  At this point it was decided by all that there was little else to be gained as the Allies had decided to withdraw and so we started to clear away.  It was a bit of a shame that the game had ended so quickly and I think much of it was due to me having allowed the French reserves to arrive a little too quickly.  A slower and more spaced out arrival would have made the French line harder to hold, as it was by the time the Allies got into position the French reserves had either arrived or were practically in position, it's one that I'll have to think about for future games.

Four Prussian battalions capture the woods from a single French battalion, a case of overkill which denied troops to the Prussian main attack.

One of the highpoints of last night was that we had a visit from Justin Davey, a one time regular who decided to take a break from painting and gaming.  Justin brought along his first painting project for some time which came as a very nice surprise.  This vignette of Napoleon and some of his mates all beautifully painted and laid out.  I think the figures are foundry which are small by most modern standards being more of a true 25mm casting.

Justins' first project in over a year, he was going to throw the figures away and then had a change of heart and decided to paint them.

Finally I was asked what camera Neil Braddon uses for the pictures which are used here on the blog and he informs me that it's a Canon EOS 450D, most shots are 18-55 IS some are 55-250 IS whatever that means.


Rafael Pardo said...

Wow... I hope there will some other massed battles. They are a joy to see!

Steve h said...

Looks awesome, thanks for sharing

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

As always,a very impressive array of miniatures!


BFG said...

Wow, just gets better and better mate.

Dutch said...

I have that same command group.

Neil B said...

Hi Noel,

What the camera bit means - and its my fault cos i just scribbled it down at the end the other night - is that i am using a Canon Eos 450D camera body with most shots taken with a 18mm - 55mm Image Stabilised lens on. I also use flourescent light white balance setting as it seems to render the colours better without having to resort to photoshop. Occasionally if the table is very busy i use a 55mm to 250mm zoom lens (again image stabilised) and all of the shots are hand held - which is where the IS comes into its own really.

I intend to get a decent flash unit for it at some point at which point i should be able to improve the lighting in the shots without creating 'white out' from flash use by diverting it away from straight ahead.

I will bring it down this week for the shots of the next game - assuming i send you the army list organisations so we can play :)