Monday, 21 June 2010

Making Hard Work Of It

Thursday evening saw a continuation of the battle of Menningen with the Allies trying to cut off a smaller force of French from their preferred avenue of retreat.  Desite this the French have had other ideas and are still hanging on tenaciously to their right flank and the centre.  Their left flank however is beginning to crack under the strain of relentless Allied assaults.
Russian troops assaulting a farm complex on the French left.

To say that much of the Allied attack has been mishandled would be an understatement.  On the Allied left far too many troops have been concentrated into a small area in an attempt to clear the French from woods which were not even a part of the original objectives.  The Allies have a healthy advantage in heavy cavalry and artillery but these are sat impotent behind infantry who cannot get out of square due to the threat of French heavy cavalry.
Russian Cuirassier reduced to charging squares in the hope of a lucky dice roll.

In the centre the Allies have fared little better.  Their assault on the central village has been punctuated by moving from column to line and back again and they now face the real prospect of being unable to take their objective due to lack of numbers where they are needed most.
Austrian infantry despite a having a huge open area to advance through decide to go around a skirmish building.  While Russian and Austrian cavalry mill about aimlessly.

If the Allies do eventually muddle their way to a victory it will be a very costly one and is unlikely to be anything like as decisive as the one they should have achieved.  The Allied left which should by now be advancing to cut the Fulda road is now actually further back that when we started play on thursday evening and the attack in the centre is more than likely to fail.
French Cuirassier having a whale of a time holding up an entire Corps

If my battle report seems a bit harsh on the Allies it isn't meant to be, I was hoping for scathing.  The overall plan was good but other than on the right flank it has been very poorly executed.  The Allies despite a numerical advantage in every arm have failed to rise to the occasion.  This was illustrated by the sight of an unsupported second class Austrian battalion being formed into line in front of cuirassier with inevitable results.
A bad day at the office for the Austrian infantry.

Next week may well see the end of this particular battle and we'll move on to more campaign movement.  Rest assured that the final turns will be recorded on this very blog.


Ravenfeeder said...

I think you're being harsh on players who don't have the length or width of experience with ItGM that you do.

You're also ignoring the genius and resourcefulness of the French commanders :)


Noel said...

I take your point, but these would have been errors under any rule set. The fact that we use ITGM doesn't really come into it.

Rafael Pardo said...

Ooh these laaaaaaaaaaaaarge battalions!