Sunday, 23 May 2010

More Schweinfurt

Taking up the story from my last post we left the Allies in a difficult situation, heavily outnumbered and with the danger of being assaulted on two fronts.  In a bid to slow down the advance of at least one of the attacking columns Neil, the Allied commander threw in what  meagre cavalry he had available.

Russian Hussars make Andy's French lights pay the price of poor deployment.

Fortunately for Neil, Andy who had a whole regiment of light cavalry available chose to lead with a single squadron and this was summarily routed back through its supporting squadron unforming them.  Neil's hussars then rallied on the spot and were able to get a free hack on the supports.  A handful of sixes meant that the French were cut down to a man.
     Andy's immediate reaction was to form square with his right hand battalions thereby removing them from the subsequent attack on Schweinfurt, round one to the Allies.

Andys' attack on the Southern edge of Schweinfurt, Neils' skirmishers beat off a battalion of infantry.

Meanwhile Erics' assault on the Western side of the town got under way with much less drama.  Having lined out on a four battalion frontage the French began to lumber forward.  Things were once again beginning to look bleak for the defenders, though reinforcements were now beginning to arrive. 

Erics' assault column about to come to grips with the Austrian defenders.

The resulting melee was bloody on both sides but once again the big Austrian forty eight man battalions proved their worth.  Despite winning the last round of the melee Eric was unable to break the Allies morale and was forced back with both sides suffering heavy losses.  Eric's problems were compounded when a rout on his flank caused a morale test on the combatants resulting in them also routing.

The view from the French side, in the foreground Eric's assault gets under way while over on the right Steve begins to move allied heavy cavalry into place to support the southern flank.

Back to the Southern side and Andy commenced his attack.  The key target was a twenty four man village held by Neils Russian contingent.  This time the French were successful and were able to oust the defenders.  However the success was short lived as the victorious infantry were immediately charged by cuirassier who made short work of the unformed troops causing heavy casualties.  This resulted in the French quitting the village leaving the Russians to reoccupy it.

A fleeting moment of glory for the French as they capture the Southern edge of Schweinfurt.

If you read the previous post you may be wondering what happened to Andy's cavalry corps.  Unfortunately Andy took the option of deploying them directly behind his infantry to the South.  This has meant that for much of the game they have been unable to deploy and are only now beginning to appear.  The upside of this was that Dom, commanding the cavalry corps was able to keep us all supplied with tea and coffee throughout the evening. Whether the cavalry will be able to turn the tide for the French is debatable but we have decided to play out a few more turns next week to give the French an opportunity to salvage something.
     In the next post I'll hopefully have a full summary of the battle with the orbats and casualty returns.  In addition I should be able to update the campaign situation.


Rafael Pardo said...

Those big battalions and regiments look really big!
Waiting to see the full AAR and the campaign jorunal

BFG said...

Awesome mate, as ever.....can't wait to get a better look at all this!

Sir Lionhair said...

It's funny to find someone playing the battle at Schweinfurt. I'm also a wargamer and I'm living in Schweinfurt :)

Chris Cornwell said...

Nice see the Austrians slugging it out inline

Noel said...

Jan, sorry about the noise on thursday evening ;)

Sir Lionhair said...

The noise has concerned me less than the cannonballs riddling my roof.
I've got a question. Which rules do you use? My friend also plays a game with similar sized napoleonics called "Empire".

Noel said...

Jan, we use "in the Grand Manner" a set of rules originally written by Peter Guilder over 30 years ago. They've had a little bit of tweaking but still work remarkably well for games with large formations.


Sir Lionhair said...

Thanks Noel :)

Galpy said...

What can you say other than wow those massed figures look amazing.
I've just become a follower and will also add you to my site as a link

murat said...

hi guys glad to see your starting
a new game looking forward to some
new excitement
all the best
ps posted some new pictures of my
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