Saturday, 10 April 2010

Smolensk IV

I 've got a feeling that this title sequence could run and run.  You may remember from the last post that I had concerns regarding the Russian left wing.  Fighting against superior numbers with its back to the river Dneiper it was in grave peril of being heavily defeated and cut off.

The Russian left wing as seen from inside Smolensk.  Masses of French infantry advance to cut off their escape.

As it transpired my fears were well founded.  The outnumbered Russians were gradually forced back into an ever decreasing area by co-ordinated French assaults and were only saved from anihilation or surrender by the onset of nightfall.  That and the kindness of umpire Dom who allowed more of them to escape than I would have.

French reserve cavalry overcome the remaining Russian heavies allowing the Young Guard to advance unchecked and capture one of the two crossing points.

In retrospect it might have been better for the Russians to have maintained their defensive position instead of coming out to cross bayonets with the advancing French.  However in Grand Manner the Russians firefight poorly but melee extremely well so it's difficult to say.  The French were able to make their superior numbers count, and though the Russians fought doggedly they eventually broke.

The view from the French side.  Despite taking casualties from within Smolensk they were able to maintain enough pressure and defeat the smaller Russian corps.

Fortunately the French didn't have everything their way.  On the Northern bank of the Dneiper Dom's Polish corps had the thankless task of attempting to capture a village whilst being bombarded by a six gun 12lb'er battery and threatened by cuirassier.  Dom valiantly stuck to the task and even managed to get an assault in against the village but this was quickly defeated.

Russian 12lb'er artillery making life difficult for the Poles.

By turn twenty there was little left for either side to achieve other than a couple of isolated skirmishes which would have no signifant effect on the battle.  However we were all of the opinion that there was life left in the game so we decided to take the game in to a second day.  The Russians still hold Smolensk but the left flank has been forced to redeploy on the northern bank of the Dneiper with the French having a sizeable bridgehead to expand from.  On the right the Russians have redeployed slightly further back and the Poles will be given the opportunity to widen their deployment area thereby bringing their heavy cavalry in to play. 
    The game continues once again on Wednesday so watch this space.


Noel said...

It looks like the justification bug has bitten again. On the preview all of the pictures are centre justified.


Vinnie said...

Great looking game. I am slowly building my collection up to 36 figure battalions, but Spanish. Always fantastic to see so many figures on the cboard.


Rafael Pardo said...

A great spectacle!

Galpy said...

Awesome looking game lots of really nice looking figures on a great table. Love it