Friday, 2 April 2010

Smolensk III

As you can see if you're a regular visitor to the blog I've made a few changes to the layout.  Mainly with the intention of being able to post larger pictures without having to crop them.  It's a work in progress and there'll be a few cosmetic changes to come but hopefully this will be the format I'll be sticking with for the foreseeable future. 

We were graced with the presence of Chris Cornwell on wednesday night living up to his nom de'plume of the itinerant wargamer.  Chris commanded the Russian 1st army of the west in Nick's absence.

There was a sight more action to witness in wednesday nights continuation of our Smolensk game.  This was particularly the case on the French right and the centre.  Raevsky's infantry made good progress towards Smolensk screened from the young guard infantry by heavy cavalry.

On the French left troops pile up at the Dneiper crossing unable to move until the the village at the far side is cleared of Russians.

Things were a little quieter on the French left flank where having taken their objectives the French were left with no one to fight.  The attempt to follow the routing Russians into Smolensk failed and this flank is now seeing a lull in the action. 

The South bank of the Dneiper from taken from the west.  Eric and Chris clearly both have each other worried.

Within Smolensk itself the routing troops which made the safety of the walls have now regained their compusure and are making room for reinforcements in the form of a grenadier division who are crossing from the north bank.  This should effectively destroy any remaining hope of taking Smolensk frontally.  The dangerous situation for the Russians has developed on their left flank.  If the French with their superior numbers can cut Raevsky off from the fords then his entire force would be in danger.  There is no chance of them escaping into Smolensk and they would be stuck with their backs to a river, perhaps we should have called this game Freidland.

French cuirassier getting to grips with their Russian counterparts plus a few dragoons thrown in for good measure.

On the north bank there has been little change in the situation.  Dom is still unable to deploy his cavalry due to the infantry to their front and he has been forced into advancing in square in attempt to negate the threat of Russian cuirassier.  This has been painfully slow and the presence of a Russian six gun 12lb'er bty has made it very costly.

Russian and French columns advance on each other in the centre, a potentially tricky situation for the Russians.

We've reached turn 16 of what is likely to be a 24 turn game so we're two thirds of the way through.  I think the French at the moment hold the upper hand and have a better opportunity to win the game but it won't be easy.  We reconvene next wednesday when I imagine it might well be decided.


VolleyFireWargames said...

your stuff looks great you must be using In The Grand Manner napoleonic rules - question though, how did you add the hit counter to your blog, I tried it and got nowhere? Must be the Napoleonic luddite in me.

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Wow!Very impressive indeed and I love the new lay out!:-)

Rafael Pardo said...

Wonderfu terrain and figures!

Stryker said...

Hi Noel - the new format works well, really like the bigger pics. Looks like a great game too!


Rafael Pardo said...

Hi Ian
Do you finished your house moving?
My apologies to Noel and Truegrit to sue their blog as mail!

Noel said...

Volleyfire, sign in to your blog and click on the "help" tab. Under "customize your blog" click on addons. Directly below "advanced use" click on hit counters and statistics. There are various free ones there that you can use.


Ravenfeeder said...

Interesting that Noel (playing Russian) thinks the French have the advantage. From the French side it seems like the Russians are winning. The slow arrival of the French forces compared to the Russians has scuppered all our plans.


Der Alte Fritz said...

Wonderful looking game, especially the terrain boards. I like the new blog layout too.

Are you playing 24 turns = one day? And then forces realign overnight as done at the WHC?

Noel said...

Fritz: Dom designed this game so I'm not sure what he has planned for nightfall and after. We'll probably get a general feeling on whether there's value in a second days play.
Historically I believe the Russians pulled out overnight and the French occupied a burning city.

BFG said...

Wow! This looks like a photo shot from the official Wargames Holoday Centre....Christopher in a classic pensive pose, while Eric looks much like I do when playing the wiley fox!!
Don't worry Eric, you're okay until he spreads his hands fan like, then pushes them forward, parallel to the table top...making a very realistic noise akin to the charge of heavy's usually downhill from there!!

Great Blog Noel, regular updates with some great shots and write ups of the action!

Ravenfeeder said...

Is the alignment of the first and last picture (centred) supposed to be different from the others (left)?

Noel said...

I think it's something to do with the justification of the individual pictures. When I try to edit the post they all appear in the same vertical line.

Ravenfeeder said...

looking at the source code, the middle pictures are defined as left justified, but the first and last have no definition. I suspect there's a setting on the pictures that needs wiping or re-applying. I think they look better centre-justified. Don't really like the red-highlighted titles though, a bit jarring.