Monday, 22 March 2010


As previously mentioned we've now begun a new game which is loosely based on the battle of Smolensk.  This particular game is Dom's baby and he's designed the terrain and produced the orbats.  Unlike the real battle there are no French or Russian Guard formations though there are a couple of russian guard battalions.
  As we don't yet have any fortified walls which will work for the fortifications of Smolensk we've sadly been reduced to depicting the outlying suburbs with a smaller wall around them.  However moves are afoot to obtain a decent set of fortified walls so watch this space. 

The battlefield from the Northwest, "Smolenskville" is in the centre of the far table. The gap between the tables is the river Dnieper.

The game started with one corps from the Russian "Second Army of the West" on table in the area of Smolensk and then players had to specify where their troops would be entering the table and in what order.  Their actual arrival is decided by a dice throw which is easier to achieve as the turns progress.  The Russians having an easier total to achieve were able to bring on all of their troops within the first three moves.

Turn two and the cavalry are already knocking lumps off each other

Almost immediately The arrival of Sievers 4th Russian cavalry corps was challenged by Grouchy's 3rd reserve cavalry resulting in a series of melee's.  Four squadrons of French dragoons crashed into two squadrons of Sievers Curassier and sent them back through their supports.  A "rally on the spot" morale dice would have caused major headaches for the Russians but it was not to be and the victorious French returned to their own lines.  On their flank however another two squadrons of dragoons were heavily defeated by more Curassier who received a "pursue" morale result when the dragoons fled.  This allowed them to crash into the unformed reserves and in the resultant melee and morale phases a whole regiment of Dragoons was lost. 

Junot and Davout commence their advance against Raevski's 7th corps

On the French left troops began to be deployed on table in the form of Junots' Westphalian corps and Davouts' 1st corps.  Clearly aiming to secure the sparsely held outlying villages they made good progress despite the best efforts of cossacks and 12lb'er artillery to delay them.

The Westphalians, beefed up by a division of Wurtemburgers.

It's here that the next major clashes of the battle are most likely to take place, though the Russians are making a belated effort to withdraw closer to Smolensk.  We reconvene on wednesday night so I'll try to get an update in on thursday.


Paulalba said...

Excellent looking battle report as always.
Your photo's are looking really sharpe.
Look forward to the next installment (i'm actually waiting on a print of the battle of Smolensk coming from USA)

murat said...

this looks like a really fast game great to see the french attack
what now will the russians do next
cant wait
looks great