Friday, 5 February 2010

Random Shots

Neil Braddon has been taking lots of photos over the last couple of weeks with his swish new camera and its' obscenely long lens, and last night he downloaded them from his "stick" to my PC.  So I thought I'd share a few with you, they're in no particular order other than being the first ones to catch my eye when I was browsing them this morning.

 Andy's Austrian infantry advancing against a Westphalian held village.  Andy first had to clear the small but extremely annoying skirmish building on his left before he could press forward.  

The afore mentioned Westphalians, who took heavy casualties prior to Andy's assault on the village and retreated when charged.

On the Allied left things have not gone well for the Prussians,  attacked on one side by a light cavalry division supported by a division of Swiss and to their front by artillery they are being forced back to their starting position.  

One of two reserve twelve pounder gun positions that the Austrians will have to clear in order to have any chance of success.
 A panoramic view of the game with most of the troops deployed.  Ominously for the Allies more blue tiles are appearing, to bolster the French centre.

Cavalry combat between Prussian cuirassier and Wurtemburg lights.  Despite the Prussians having a decent advantage the first round of melee was drawn and the french were able to make their superior numbers tell in the following two rounds. 

There are lots more where these shots came from so I'll look at posting a few more over the weekend.


Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Great looking stuff!


Chris Cornwell said...

All looks very large with those do they work? Have you got battens screwed onto the wall or something?

Noel said...

The extra tiles are in the gap between the two tables and just sit on the overlap for each side. basicall the same way as it's done at Scarborough.

Stryker said...

Great photos! Who's idea was the Grenadier in the chimney stack? Excellent as always...


Rafael Pardo said...

A wondeful view all those metal guys!

BFG said...

Wow, this just gets better and better mate, must paint this Battalion of Prussian Landwehr and get it down to you! it sounds like the rest of the Prussians will need it!