Thursday, 11 February 2010

More Random Shots

We've moved game night this week to Friday night due to some of the guys social commitments.  Imagine that, wargamers with social commitments.  They'll be having girlfriends next.

Two Austrian battalions painted using very different techniques.  My personal preference is for the right hand one.  The Hungarians on the left were painted in Sri Lanka as part of a large order and the Germans were a one off buy from e-bay. 

A Westphalian square, part of the division holding the French left.  These are part of a six battalion division painted by Neil Sheardown.

Smiling through adversity, Eric throws yet more sixes in the cavalry combat which see off my Prussian heavies.  It's a good thing he can't read my mind.

I really like this photo, Prussian light cavalry advancing to mix it with Eric's French dragoons, though outnumbered they managed to win the melee and Eric's apalling morale dice did the rest.

Not a part of our current game but the latest arrivals at the garage are these Suom hussars.  Mr Sheardown has developed a taste for experimenting with a soldering iron and has modelled the lead squadron taking casualties from fire.  He's also used pins for the sabres a couple of which have already drawn blood.


Chris Cornwell said...

Austrian line Infantry in 36's ???
You big Woss!

Ravenfeeder said...

There are plenty of 48's around. The 36's tend to be used as 2nd or 3rd battalions of a regiment

Neil B said...

Dear Mr Cromwell,

As Ric says there are plenty of 48's about AND more importantly, i think you will find it is spelt Wuss and not Woss :) Anal me??

tick bloody tock indeed - cheeky bugger! :)


BFG said...

Cromwell? What's he doing here, I must have missed him in the photo's.
Great display though Noel. I think I could have read your mind! Sadly this is somethong I can't put to print here, to protect the innocent!

Chris Cornwell said...

I suppose having a few 36's means there are less names to have remember

Ravenfeeder said...

We give longer names to the chaps in the 36's.