Tuesday, 23 February 2010

A Hard Grind

A little bit late I know but this time for reasons mostly out of my control, here's an update on the second week of our final battle in the current campaign.  Things have once again not gone well for the Allies, outnumbered and outgunned they are struggling to assault fortified positions through woods and across broken ground.  Even Neil who is surely the most optimistic of the Allied commanders seems to be wilting under the pressure.

French commanders attempt to find some space for yet another battery

Eric who devised this scenario came along but was strangely ill on the night and had to spend the evening away from the game fiddling with my computer.  I hadn't realised that Francophelia (possibly a made up word) was infectious.

No points for guessing which of the above is an Allied commander.

The picture above gives an idea of the situation facing the Allies.  A large semi circle of woods, broken ground, villages and entrenched 12lb'er batteries makes for tough going.  In addition the Allied right and left are also being attacked in the flank as they try to push forwards.

"Come and have a go if you think you're hard enough"

Anchored by guns the French infantry await what remains of the Allied assault.  In the rear, untouched infantry divisions sit idle.

You're having a laugh!

Adding to the woes of the Allies, French reinforcements in the shape of two regiments of dragoons and another two of cuirassier arrive to join the fun.  This effectively puts a stop to whatever slim chance Neil had of advancing as he now has to protect his flank against infantry and heavy cavalry.

Suom Hussars taking one for the Emperor.

I put a picture of the lads in the last post but wasn't particularly happy with it.  Neil took this shot with his mini-Hubble and the result is much better.

Well that's it for this post, I appreciate it's been pretty down-beat regarding the Allied situation but if you think this is bad wait till you see the next one. 


Neil B said...

Shame on you Noel you pessimist you :o) AND you forgot to mention the Young Guard Division following the Dragoons and Cuirassier on table....

Although the allies do have significant Heavy Cavalry and Good quality Infantry of their own arriving as reinforcements - now if only they had space to be used........ we will see but biccies and coffee will be enjoyed by all!!

cya Weds eve,


Noel said...

Cheers Neil, you may have noticed that I haven't used any of the photos from last week yet. I was saving the Young Guard for the next post but it appears you've let the cat out of the bag :)


Ravenfeeder said...

For a more balanced view than Noels... The forces are actually balanced for numbers with the French having the position and the Allies the quality. What the French had at the begining, which seemed lacking from the allies, was a plan.


Paulalba said...

lol, I look forward to the next instalment.

murat said...

Hi Noel I really enjoyed the Hard Grind, I look forward to the next installment! Pictures are amazing! I have posted some new pics for you to have a look at!

Would like to hear from you!

Sollado2 said...

oh my god, massive battles. Really incredible, fantastic pictures!!! Well done!!!