Tuesday, 19 January 2010

WW2 game at Falmouth

I had a pleasant day down at Falmouth on Sunday, and took the chance to meet up with some old mates.  As I promised in the last post I took a few photos of the proceedings and these may provide some clue to what was happening.  The game if I remember correctly is based in 1940 which apparently meant that there were no Russians involved.

The game itself is a peculiar mix of extremely large battlefields and very small scale figures.  I suppose if you're going to have this many players, and there are an awful lot of them, then this is the way to do it. 
     Once again I was amazed at the amount of planning required by the individual players prior to the game getting under way.  There were furtive groups of three or four people muttering and mumbling to each other for literally hours on Sunday night and the game didn't start until the next morning.


Aesthetic appeal is relatively low on the agenda as you can see.  To be honest I have no idea what nationality these guys are or in fact which way they're facing.  However the people using them seem to know precisely what type of troops they are and their capabilities which after all is the important thing.  There are absoloutely thousands of these little stands and they're all labelled up for the orbat which they fit into. 

The battle finally got under way after breakfast though there were those who seemed willing to forego food in order to get an early start.  I left after a couple of hours later and the game was in full swing.  The whole thing lasts for a week and I think they're playing three seperate two day phases each of which is linked to the last one.  I have to be honest and say that it really doesn't float my boat but I was certainly in a minority of one so there must be something in it.

However when all's said and done a blog entry wouldn't feel right without a picture of some proper wargaming.  So for anyone who may have been losing the will to live, here are some nice Prussian chaps to perk you up a bit.


Stryker said...

Hi Noel

Thanks for posting those pics - now I don't need to drive down to Falmouth! I can understand how this sort of game baffles you given that you have a large wargame table and chums to play with. I guess the appeal is the huge (almost strategic) level of the game and the social aspect. However my eyes just wouldn't be up to it these days although I do have quite large 10mm WWII armies (where the heck did I put them - opps I just stood on a Tiger). The Prussian's look great by the way.
Oh, and I painted my first 28mm Napoleonic figure over on my blog...


BFG said...

Blimey thank God there was some sensiblilty at the end of that!