Saturday, 30 January 2010

Thursday evening saw us kicking off the final battle in Eric's campaign trilogy.  This one as I previously mentioned is being fought over both tables with an extra two boards slotted in between to give us an even bigger playing area.
The French central position

The scenario is one in which the French having lost the previous two battles are now caught between the jaws of an Allied pincer with the Austrians on one side and the Prussians on the other.  The French have to defend their depot area and can expect some reinforcement but are on the backfoot as battle attrition has diluted the class of their formations.
The view from the other side

It doesn't seem to have affected the French artillery arm however as they already appear to have deployed more guns than the Red Army at Kursk.  Two of these batteries can be seen in the earthworks which magically appeared on table and came as a nasty surprise to the Allies.

Part of the Prussian corps assaulting on the Allied left

The Allies have at their disposal a Corps of Prussian infantry and another of Austrians already deployed with the promise of some high quality reinforcements to come.  I'm hoping that this will be a chance to blood the two new Pavlov battalions and some of the new Russian Cuirassier.

Wurtemburg light cavalry and horse artillery

All told this should prove to be an interesting match up.  The Allies with their quality versus the French with their strong defensive position and more guns than you can shake a stick at.  I'll get Eric to do another of his battle reports with maybe an interim one if the game takes a while to play out.

Austrian infantry advancing on a narrow frontage


Der Alte Fritz said...

I wish that I could step into the Transporter Beam and play in one of your games. What an awesome looking table and terrain, and ITGM too!

Noel said...

Fritz, if you're ever in these parts you'd be more than welcome.