Saturday, 12 December 2009

New Arrivals

As you may remember I was up in what proved to be a very wet and windy Scarborough last week for a Napoleonic celebration of Herbert's 50th Birthday.  Needless to say a very good time was had by all and we were able to fight Austerlitz (twice), Wagram and Dresden.  I did take a lot of photographs but there aren't too many good ones, though I think this one of Herberts' Benny Hill impression says it all.

I know that Chris took lots of photo's and will be posting the best of them on his "Itinerant Wargamer" Blog so I've decided to post a few of some of the troops that I picked up whilst I was there.  

First up is this lovely regiment of Wurtemburg light cavalry.  These are Firing Line figures painted by Chris and are really nicely animated.  Chris reckons he did the horses in an afternoon so I've asked him to put a horse painting guide on his blog as I think these horses are excellent.

More Wurtemburgers from Chris, this time a horse artillery battery using Russian horse artillery bodies and Wurtemburg heads.  You may have seen these and the light cavalry on Chris's blog already but they deserve a repeat showing.  Along with these two units were two screens of skirmishers for the Wurtemburg division.  Doubtless they'll appear here in time.

I wouldn't be a trip to the WHC without me being able to collect some of Neil Sheardowns work and this time was no exception.  Above is a 32 man battalion of Elite Russian Jaeger which Neil brought along with two 32 man Russian Dragoon regiments and the boys below.

This is the first of two battalions of Pavlovs which Neil is doing.  Neil, like myself has changed his basing technique quite radically lately and I think the results are excellent.  The grass is "Silfur grass" (I think that's the right name) personally I prefer it to static grass which I never really got on with and as always, lovely GMB flags to finish off.

Thursday night saw another five turns in our latest battle and the screw is really starting to tighten on the French.  We took lots of pictures so when the others send theirs I'll put some up on the blog.