Saturday, 21 November 2009

Catching up

Once again it's been a while since I last posted. This is partly due to me firstly having been away for a few days. Secondly to fact that we didn't have a game night last week, but mostly because I've been a wee bit lazy. So without further ado and self recrimination I'll hopefully put things right with a bit of a catch up post.

The good news is that we did get in a nights gaming on thursday and were able to continue with the second battle in Erics' mini-campaign. As is usual by now I'll let Eric tell the whole story, though things might be made more interesting if the French command can come up with a version of events as well.

Oddly enough this second battle has a remarkably similar deployment to its predecessor. The Russians shown here are holding the Allied right and on their left is a Prussian Corps. The terrain however is very different. The Prussians are currently fighting for a series of small woods on the extreme left whilst attempting to block the open ground in the centre. reinforcements for both sides are arriving on various roads and being fed into the maelstrom ( I've been wanting to use that word for ages ).

A battalion of Kleve-Berg infantry from Dom's "German" division supported here by Westfalian skirmishers. These chaps and their friends have the unenviable task of getting past a Russian six gun battery suported by a four gun horse battery. However they are supported by a Cuirassier division and there appear to be more troops arriving behind them. To their right rear is a battalion of Saxe-Coburg infantry.

Speaking of Cuirassier, here they are. These troops along with another French and a Westfalian Cuirassier regiment have recently arrived to give the French heavy cavalry arm a much needed boost. They were all painted by Neil Sheardown in an amazingly short time along with two new Russian Cuirassier regiments and a host of Prussian Landwehr. Neil is currently painting two more Russian Dragoon Regiments more Landwehr and some Russian infantry. Most of which will be ready in December.

A look at the Allied centre with Erics' Prussians lined out against Andy's advancing French columns. This should prove a tough nut to crack if the French insist on taking it frontally. The village in the centre of the position has excellent fields of fire and can easily be supported from the flanks and rear. In the background are some of the woods where both sides have become involved in a confused series of melees, though it does appear that the Prussians may be gaining the upper hand.

Finally here's a photo of a Prussian foot battery which I completed just too late for them to take part in this battle, once again these are Elite figures. I seem to have been painting nothing but artillery lately. Along with these Prussians I've recently completed a French foot battery and the last two guns and crew for the Russian six gun horse battery. To be honest I quite like painting artillerymen, there's plenty of variety in the poses and there are of course a lot less of them to paint in comparison to an infantry battalion. What I really don't like painting is the guns themselves. I'm not sure why but I just find them incredibly tedious to paint and have to break up the process into short periods.
Well, enough for now. Next thursday's game should see some major developments in the battle which should see an update the next day, and I'll try to post some more shots of this game prior to that.


Paulalba said...

Really enjoyed the report,
I have the same Elite Prussian artillery sitting on the shelf looking at me, 1 gun of 4 and crew finished. I feel the same way with artillery, a nice break from 32's and 36's but the guns are not so enjoyable to paint. Wish someone close by would be into 28mm Naps! (I enjoy the 15mm but would love to get envolved in 25mm/28mm's).

Noel said...

I hate painting the guns so much that I paint all 16 crew first and then have to force myself to paint the guns. Eric is the same, he thinks it's because they're inanimate objects, and yes he is aware of the irony in that idea :)

Chris Cornwell said...

errr..My name is Chris and I actually quite like painting guns.

Der Alte Fritz said...

I am with you on the artillery gun hate. I always do them last, unless I have to paint some for an upcoming game, and then I seem to have a lot of incentive to get the job done.

Now try having to paint limbers for all of your guns. I made the decision to do this with the new Front Rank limber sets. They are actually easy to paint once you have done the first one.