Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Prussian Line

I've finally gotten around to finishing the Calpe Prussians that I featured here a couple of months ago and this is the end result. Not the best of photos but they give a general idea. I found them particularly easy to paint even though it took me a long time to finally finish them. I haven't come across any other 28mm figures which in my opinion are anything like as good as the Calpe range. If you haven't already done so take a look at the new Saxon figures on the website.
The flag as always is from GMB though if it's the correct one for the unit I'll be amazed. I just picked out one that looked good.
Actually they're not completely finished yet as I'm awaiting the arrival of some grass tufts to finish off the bases. I saw them on Chris's blog and liked the idea. So maybe once that's done I'll get Neil or Nick to take a good picture and post that as well.


john de terre neuve said...

No question about it, Calpe are he nicest figures to paint out there. Very nice job.


Chris Cornwell said...

Very Handsome...I am inspired! I've got 4 btns of Calpe Prussians sitting about that I've been meaning to do for ages. Now that I am released from my painting indenture (your Wurtemburgers!) I can do them. I was toying with doing a red faced regt...this has convinced me.

BFG said...

Mate, they look great, a really nice paint job....outstanding.
My Calpe Landwehr will really look like.....err Landwehr next to these!
Keep them coming!

Noel said...

Thanks for the thumbs up fellas. I still need to finish off the basing and then I'll probably be starting another battalion and though they are nice to paint it's still a daunting prospect.

Anonymous said...

Superb looking figures and yes, I also have absolutely no idea what flag goes with what unit!


Stryker said...

Beautifully turned out unit there Noel - I think you showed me one of these guys on the day I came over. They are fabulous figures. Nice basing too...


parisitiger said...

Very Impressed Mr Bilson. I am gonna get some Saxon Samples !!!!!

Keep well


Paulalba said...

Hello, Hope you don't mind me posting a comment as I am a stranger to you? Really nice looking figures, Very inspiring.

Noel said...

Hi Paul, feel free to comment any time. Glad you liked the figures.