Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Eric's Battle Continued

I received a few more photo's of Eric's battle in my email the other day so I thought it only right to share some of them with you. This first one is the initial outing of the Wurtemburg division which Chris painted. It will shortly be embellished by the addition of its own skirmishers and a light cavalry regiment, (though this will probably spend most of its time on detachment in a light cavalry division). These chaps have turned up as a reserve formation and are rushing to stem the onslaught of the Prussians.

It seems that the French have had the best of all the cavalry combats so far and this one was understandably no exception. These poor sons of the Rodina were sacrificed in order to satisfy Neils' bloodlust. They allowed another of their squadrons to get into position to charge the rear of a fleeing mass of French infantry. I'm at a bit of a loss to know what kind of threat the infantry posed but Neil seems chuffed about the whole idea and anyway cavalry combats are always good fun.

This one is especially for you Rafa, as you can see there is a little bit of open ground left, though in truth this is only due to the lack of figures to fill it with. This one is taken at some indeterminate point in the game so I'm not totally sure of the situation. However, roughly the Russians and Austrians are on the furthest table and are making a concerted push forwards. On the right where Steve (in dark blue) is, the Prussians are beginning to force their way out of the woods. This has become easier since the French were forced to redeploy their heavy cavalry.
On the left in the foreground are troops from Dom's command in the process of pulling back to form a defesive line against the Russians who are advancing on the Allied right.

A division of Westfalians advancing in support of the French right. These were painted by Neil Sheardown whose contribution to the garage in terms of figures is by far the largest of anyones. Again this is a reserve division which along with the Wurtemburgers who can be seen in the background are being channeled to the French right. The French position has become "L" shaped by now and seems to getting boxed in with not enough room to manouevre.


Chris Cornwell said...

Good to see the whole expanse of your table in use..I have however, lost a little bet with myself: I was sure that the pink-flagged Wurtemburgers would still be standardless the next time I saw them, and that you would never get round to sticking on the flags...obviously you are not as slack as I thought...my apologies!

Noel said...

Actually I photoshopped them on to the picture. Where's Vittoria III by the way?

Der Alte Fritz said...

Please identify the brands of figures used for the Wurttemburgers and the Westphalian divisions.

that is an impressive looking game table. What is its size? Who is the lucky owner of so much tabletop real estate. You have one of the nicest looking game areas that I have seen.

Noel said...

Fritz, the Wurtemburgers are from Firing Line Miniatures and the Westphalians are from Elite.
There are two fifteen foot by six foot tables and I'm fortunate enough to be the owner. We started building it three years ago and there's still a bit of work to be done, but it's coming along.


Stryker said...

Hi Noel - Great to see both tables in use, you really have done a superb job on the garage. Excellent stuff!


Der Alte Fritz said...

What is your opinion of the Elite Westphalians? I'm trying to decide if I want to paint a division of them for a Borodino game next year.

The Firing Line figures look nice.

Is your game room in your basement/cellar or is it on the ground floor?

Sorry about asking so many questions.

Jeff said...

Liked the new 'Picture of the week'
I assume Brad is kneeling behind that gargoyle thingy

Noel said...

Fritz, the Elite Westphalians are very nice in my opinion. They're typical of Pete Morbeys more recent sculpts so if you're a fan of Elite's then you'll probably like these. I like the sound of the Borodino game, hopefully you'll be covering it on your blog?

The garage is as the name suggests a garage which is attached to the side of my house. We put in a false ceiling and boarded off the walls to make it a bit more welcoming. There isn't much spare space with the two tables in there but we're ingenious when it comes to finding storage areas.


Jeff said...

I dont wish to be overly flippant but in that first photo...just for a moment...I thought someone had built a motorway flyover across the table