Sunday, 26 July 2009

Second Leipzig

If you've been keeping up with things here on the blog, you'll be aware that after defeating Neils' Prusso-Austrian corps just outside Leipzig Dom was attacked a mere twenty four hours later by Justin's' Russian corps. The resulting battle is still ongoing though it's already reached turn seventeen and once again I'll be asking the commanders to give their own views of how it went.
For the time being however I've put up a picture of the initial deployments for both sides and a few pictures of the action so far. The observant amongst you will notice that there are only two Russian infantry divisions on table, the reason for this will become apparent shortly. I've already listed Dom's corps in a previous post and other than it being a bit smaller since the first battle of Leipzig its organisation remains unchanged.
This first photograph shows the terrain looking down the battlefield from the North and shows the Russian deployment area. The river is fordable to infantry only, at all points. Movement is half speed and troops are unformed until clear of the banks. The broken ground, which was made by Justin has the same effect. There's a very basic error in the picture if you can spot it.

The Russian orbat is as follows:
1st Inf Div
8 x 32 Veteran
6 x 6lb Elite Foot Battery

2nd Inf
8 x 32 Veteran
6 x 6lb Elite Foot Battery

Guard Cav Div
2 x 32 Guard Dragoons
1 x 32 Guard Cuirassier
1 x 32 Guard Uhlan
1 x 32 Hussars
4 x 6lb Elite Horse Battery

And there you have it, small but perfectly formed. No licornes and strangest of all no skirmishers. I'll leave it to Justin to decide whether it's a good choice for the 4000 points allowed, doubtless he'll let us all know in his after battle report.

Here's a shot of the Russian Guard Cavalry, actually they're all line regiments but I don't have any guard cavalry figures so these lads will just have to suffice for the time being. This battle has been the first one to feature guard units as so far no one else has been willing to pay the crippling cost of them, each guard cuirassier costs 11 points, making a 32 man regiment 332 points. You can get two battalions of elite infantry plus one of first class line for that with a little change to buy some skirmishers. That said they certainly do have a presence about them. Just a hint of them getting in to charge range has every infantry battalion in the area immediately forming square.
An incident from early in the game, these Connoisseur (correct me if I'm wrong Chris) French infantry get on the wrong end of the Guard Uhlans' lances. As you can see everyone else has formed square so it was a limited success, but it does make commander's a little more wary of sticking their battalions' noses out too far.

Well the game should end this thursday night as much of the fighting has already been done. Hopefully we'll have the first of the commanders reports in quite quickly and I'll get them published along with lots more photos as soon as I can.


Chris Cornwell said...

Naaah, they ain't connoisseur, no idea what they are, Old Glory?
I'm trying to work out what your terrain mistake is...buggered if I can see one, unless its to do with the spacing between the edge of the river and the marshes, which may, or may not be deep enough to get a line into, which would be a pain. Or is it the gap between the 2 marshes which would accomodate a Russian battery?...anyway, looks to me like Dom's on a winner.

Noel said...

I don't think they're OG, I'll get a better shot of them and mail it to you.
For a clue on the cock up, take a closer look at the ford. You'll smile when you work it out.

Robert said...

B'jeezuz, even the photo without any figures in it is pure wargaming "porn"!

Great account, gents- keep the posts and the photos coming!

Ravenfeeder said...

Diffent picture of the mystery figures:
I think I bought them from Peter Gilder ~1982 and got the impression they were his own stuff.

Dagnabbit! Can't get blogger to do anything fancy with the link, you'll have to copy and paste into your browsers address bar

Chris Cornwell said...

They do look like PG's work, Could they be from the "Foremost" range? I think you can still get these from Hinchcliffe, a lot of them are a bit dated but there are still a few gems there, the horses in particular are still first rate.

chris said...

They are Hinchliffe (PGs, of course) from the Peninsular range.

Rafael Pardo said...

Wonderful pictures. You are an source of inspiration
Best regards

Anonymous said...

Is the cock up the fact there is no water passing through the ford (very minor point if I am right-lovely terrain and figures I can only dream of!).



Noel said...

Spot on Matt, I'm not sure how long it was before we noticed. I think we'll leave it as it is as we're all used to it now :)

Stryker said...

Looks like this will be another good one! Perhaps the river is tidal and the tide's out?


Chris Cornwell said...
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Chris Cornwell said...

(pasted a complete load of nonsense...try again)
I did spot the ford! but thought that couldn't be it...don't really see it as a "mistake", you do get fords which are basically just wet mud. I think its fine too.
I am totaly intrigued as to the outcome of this game, I've looked at the terrain and the forces, and am very interested as to what the players will do.
If done properly, the French could administer a costly (points-wise) hiding to the Russkis..However, if they cock-up in the face of that cavalry and artillery....ewww.
On the subject of artillery I'm a bit suprised you let Justin have 6 gun btty's with no Licornes...SUPER-CHEESE! I'd have told him to %$£" **£ in no uncertain terms!

Noel said...

Ah but if you look at the river there are white flecks which represent fast flowing water. Not that it matters, at least there's no confusion about where the ford actually is.
I don't want to give away too much before the commanders reports but as always you are very astute Mr Cornwell. The ruling on the batteries was that as this was a test campaign anything was allowed as long as we had the figures to cover it. We've already discussed what limitations will be brought in for the next campaign and licornes have been covered.