Saturday, 6 June 2009

More Plauen

The battle of Plauen continued into turn 15 of the projected 24 turns last night with still no clear advantage to either side. I don't want to go into too much detail as the two commanders are both going to write up their own view of how it went once it's all over. So what I'll do is just publish a few snapshots of the action in isolated sections of the battle. The first one shows a couple of Eric's forty eight man Austrian battalions lined out to counter the threat of a French thrust through the centre. They are in turn supported by a regiment of cuirassier, which in "Grand Manner" rules and I suspect many others are utterly lethal against infantry. In the distance can be seen one of Nick's divisions (commanded by Dom) shaking out onto the line of departure prior to their assault.
Next is a picture of a largish cavalry combat which took place on the Austrian left. Eric's two light regiments clashed with a mixed force of French lights and Dragoons. With eighteen dice in the first round of combat against Nick's twenty five it didn't look good for the allies. Incredibly Eric threw nine sixes out of the eighteen, with Nick killing only four with his twenty five. But then as they often do, the dice Gods abandoned Erics cause and after passing morale Nick was able to win the second round of combat and force Erics lads to turn and flee. To be fair, Nick had set his troops up well with supporting cavalry and a cavalry commander to tip the balance on his morale check so justice was done.
The last shot from the battle for now shows the general situation on the French centre-left around turn 11. The Austrian infantry have given ground in the face of the French assault but this has allowed them to use the firepower of the village garrison in addition to the twelve pounder battery to cause substantial casualties on the attack columns. I'm not sure who the sinister looking bloke in the background is, he turns up most weeks but none of us have worked up the courage to ask him what he wants.
Finally I just thought I'd stick in a picture of this lovely little horse battery. It's not involved in the battle but I've finally got around to basing it up so here it is. To be honest I'm not 100% sure about it's identity. It was picked up at a bring and buy already painted. I think it's a Polish legion horse battery from the Italian army which would explain the czapkas and the guns painted in Austrian colours. However I could be wrong, if anyone has any ideas please feel free to enlighten me.


john de terre neuve said...


Great looking battle. I like the terrain, are they 2x4 modules. Do you have a variable set up for the modules?


Noel said...

Hi John,
Thanks for the comments. The boards are actually 3 x 3 foot and can be used to produce a large variety of battlefields. All of the roads go off at the centre of them so that that they can be rotated to fit most ways. One of the regulars has made a little utility with Adobe which allows us to move and rotate the tiles so that we can plan the battlefield on the PC.
If you're interested we're presently making some new tiles and I'll be posting the whole construction process in the near future.


john de terre neuve said...

Thanks Noel, mine are 2x4, so the calculation is a little more complicated as they are not square.
I will look forward to see your construction process.

I have recently posted mine on my blog at:

Good luck,