Tuesday, 30 June 2009

More Leipzig Pictures

There's no game night this week as we're driving up to Scarborough to refight Bautzen. So as Neil kindly sent me a load of photos from our current game I thought it would be a good idea to share some with you.
This first one is taken from the Allied viewpoint looking at the French right and centre. In the top left corner the Warriors of Holy Russia can bee seen advancing to test their mettle against the French 12th Division. Fortunately for the French their position is masked from the Russian's six gun battery by a hill, which has meant the Russian infantry have had to assault without fire support.
Here's a shot of the same area from the French side, the advancing Russian infantry can be seen in the distance. Meanwhile on the Left flank of the French, the allies attempt to support the Russians with heavy cavalry, comes up against a twelve pounder battery with its flanks covered by infantry in square.

Another shot from the Allied side of the table, this time showing the French left. The French have been able to take control of the furthest village and the orchard on its eastern edge and this position has been the focus of some heavy fighting with Eric' Prussians attempting to dislodge Andys' defenders. There still quite a bit of fighting to be done in this area.

The French centre held by Dom's Swiss about to be assaulted by Prussian infantry. Neil is using his cavalry to pin the French position to give his infantry time to move up. In the background Russian cuirassier switched from the left are also closing in for the kill.

And finally, a shot from the French right across most of the battlefield, I think this must be around turn seven or eight as there are two seperate assaults going in on the French left and centre.

That's it for this lot, the blog next entry will be a report on our visit to the WHC with lots more lovely photos.


Anonymous said...

Have a good time at the WHC. Look forward to the pictures (it has been about 4 years since I last went-so I am not jealous at all!).


Noel said...

Cheers Matt, there'll so many photos you'll feel like you were there yourself :)

Rafael Pardo said...

A very nice discovery. I arrived to your blog from the Stryker's one. I am in miniature wargaming form near 30 years now, I play solo with Napoleon's Battles, I use 20mm plastic-metal figures (sorry!) and run a blog about... the Leipzig Campaign

Robert said...

Lovely games, lovely miniatures, lovely terrain!

I'd be interesting in knowing how you made the surface of your table- it looks great!

Noel said...

Hi Robert, thanks for the comments. The terrain is chipboard covered with a mix of sawdust, paint and PVA glue. We're making some more at the moment and I've been photographing the process so that I can put an article on the blog about it.


Ereimover said...

Great pics! I was at the WHC in Scarborough once, but that must be ten years ago. I'm glad to see that it still exists. Do they have a website? How can I contact them? What's the programme for this year and next year? I'd love to go back once. Kind regards. Karim

Noel said...

Hi Karim, sadly there is no website for the WHC however if you contact Gerry Elliot at he address below he'll be able to give you all the details you're after.