Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Battle Chronicler

I was idling away an hour or two the other day trawling through various wargames blogs when I came across Battle Chronicler. It's basically a map making utility designed specifically for wargamers. The annoying thing is that try though I might I can't now find the specific blog where I came across it as I'd like to give due credit to the author. Anyway as you can see from the picture it's quite a clever bit of kit and I was able to come up with the terrain for our next battle in about 40 mins. You have my word that if I can do it then anyone can, I still can't understand why electricity doesn't dribble out of plug sockets and form pools on the carpet.

The picture of course doesn't show half of what BC is capable of, for instance you can define unit sizes, not just numbers but by base size and number of bases. You can define the size of the battlefield in feet or centimetres and all of the dimensions are relative to each other. If you're computer literate and artistic you can design your own terrain components and best of all you can update the battle as it occurs simply by dragging the units to new positions.

It is at the moment still quite new so there will be the odd glitch and the selection of terrain components has some growing to do but it's free to download from the link below and certainly in my opinion worth a go.

The battle in question is the next in our mini campaign. The Prusso-Russians of Neil Braddon have decided to impose themselves upon the Dom's French Corps just East of Leipzig. Dom had choice of terrain and opted for the southern half of the table, Neil is attacking from the North and East. Both sides have a full corps made up from their allotted 4000 points and the battle will get under way tomorrow night. I've had a lot of favourable feedback from the commanders reports so hopefully we'll be able to do that again.



Stryker said...

Hi Noel

I think you probably saw that software mentioned on Steve-the-wargamer's blog (http://steve-the-wargamer.blogspot.com/)

Looking forward to the next battle...


Noel said...

Thanks for that Ian, you were right and it was Steve's Blog. I think I may have navigated there from yours.

I get to play in the next battle so I'm looking forward to it myself.


Anonymous said...

Hi Noel,

An interesting piece of it!

Quick question-on the game picture is the Voltigeur on the left checking his underpants at the site of the oncoming horde?

Look forward to another battle report.


Noel said...

Does look that way doesn't it? And who can blame him?