Friday, 1 May 2009


The battle of Taugn-hausen was fought in 1806 between the Austrians under the Archduke Charles and the French commanded by Marshall Davout. Basically the Austrians were attempting to cut off and destroy Davout's corps while it was isolated but things didn't go according to plan. We're currently playing a game loosely based on the actual battle with an Austro-Russian force (not enough Austrian figures) attempting to force issue. This first photo shows the Allied artillery sitting as it did during the battle just outside Hausen waiting for the French to come out and be killed. Hmm.. not bloody likely. On the Allied left an Austrian avant-garde division has been pushed up into the wooded area held by the French but has received a bloody repulse and is now streaming backthrough its supports causing all sorts of confusion.
On the left, the Allies have just released this rather large Russian division which is advancing to test its mettle in the woods against the French lines. If you know ITGM well enough you'll know how difficult this is going to be for them! To make matters worse for the Allies a fresh French division has just arrive on table behind the Austrian left flank. The Allies should have noticed something was wrong when a screen of French skirmishers appeared, but Nick for some reason imagined they were Russians and didn't question their arrival.
It hasn't been all plain sailing for the French, the Westfalian Guard Grenadier have had an ignominious first outing. After defeating an Austrian line battalion in melee they were charged while reforming by Austrian light cavalry and are now routing off table. Still, the French position is holding well and the Allies have a hard task on their hands. Historically the Allies ended up being defeated in the woods, being unable to bring their superior artillery to bear and this was further compounded by Charles' unwillingness to release his grenadiers. The battle was over by 2:00pm and Davout was able to link up with the rest of the army. Watch this space for more updates.


Steve said...

Are you sure it was 1806?...


Noel said...

Quite right Steve it was 1809, oddly enough I had spotted the error and thought to myself no ones going to notice. Then as us old folk are apt to do promptly forgot about it. Cheers for the reminder, I'll leave it unchanged as a warning against hubris.