Friday, 8 May 2009

Teugn-Hausen 2

Snappy title eh? Bet you didn't see that coming. Last night was a continuation of our game loosely based on the battle of Teugn-Hausen (or Thaun as the French named it). It's so loosely based that ours takes place three years earlier than the original. Oddly enough with only five of us present we still only managed to get through about five or six turns. Normally the number of players available is roughly equivalent to the amount of time frittered away in idle waffle. When last we left you the allies were attacking up the length of the table towards a large wooded area held by the French. The French had sneakily introduced a fresh division on the left flank directly behind the Austrian main assault. Not looking good for the Austrians you might think, but then you would not be taking into account Justin's almost God like ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Our first picture shows the two advanced battalions in the foreground (Wurtemburg 32's) having approached too close to the Austrians without sufficient support.
We're using a system of dice throwing to determine a units class once it has to take a morale test for this game, the French, being Davouts excellent corps score as follows 1-3 2nd class, 4-6 1st class, 7-10 veteran. The allies being oafish farm rejects use 1-3 militia, 4-6 2nd class and 7-10 1st class. So there's a considerable class advantage for the French.
The Austrians charge in and despite Nick rolling for three out of four of them as militia take the defensive fire and slam into the Wurtemburgers (1 Vet and 1 first class) From that moment on it's a matter of numbers, the Austrians win the first round of melee but unluckily don't do enough to break the Wurtemburg morale. Both sides reinforce, the French with three fresh battalions, the Austrians with just one. It looks a little dodgy for the Austrians after the reinforcers fight but then the original troops add their bit and the French lose the second round as well. It's all too much for the brave sons of liberty and throwing women and small children behind them they quit the field. It was an interesting little scrap while it lasted but the outcome was somewhat inevitable as long as the dice Gods didn't get up to their tricks.
Elsewhere on the battlefield there was little to report, the Allies have finally released their artillery and the Russians have continued to advance in a ponderous fashion towards the French positon though showing little desire to get stuck in. The Austrians having dealt with the threat to their rear are now attempting to once again shake out and begin their assault on the French left, though with a now depleted force. In all honesty I'm not sure if there's a great deal of life left in the game now as I don't really see the allies being able to take the woods from the more numerous and better trained French. If this were a campaign game and I were the allies I'd withdraw to lick my wounds, but only time will tell.
Speaking of which, we've now got an excellent map for the forthcoming campaign and we'll probably be starting the initial moves on completion of the Teugn-Hausen battle.
No game next week as I have to travel to London for a week to have my head filled with lots of technical nonsense that I'll have forgotten a week later, so probably no blog update either though I'm working on that.

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