Saturday, 2 May 2009


I thought it might be an idea to follow Chris's example and come up with my own 4000 point Corps. However not wishing to be accused of trying to influence any of the campaign players I've decided on a Spanish Corps. I'll list it first and then go through my reasons for choosing it. To be honest I wouldn't want to take on a 4000pt army from any other nation with it but you can't make a silk purse from a sows ear (or something like that).

Corps Commander Free

Infantry Division x 4

Div Commander 50
8 x 32 1st class line 512
12 x Skirmisher 60
8lb Ft Bty (3 Guns + 1 How) 175

Cost of 1 Div 797

Total Inf Div cost 3188

Reserve 12lb Bty 190

Cavalry Division

Div Commander 50
2 x 32 Lt Cav 256
2 x 32 Hvy Cav 320

Total Cavalry cost 626

Total 4004

Now the hard part. How to justify my choice? Firstly the infantry divisions, anything less than first class line will run at the first casualty due to the fact that Spanish infantry only throw 2 x D6 for morale. Anything above that would probably be a waste of points for the same reason. As they are they can both manouvre, and fire effectively. I went for 8 battalions as this makes it possible to rotate units that are starting to get a bit shakey and there's the added advantage of more troops being able to reinforce a melee. The Artillery is all 8lb because lets face it you're not going to be doing too much attacking with these lads and the extra range will come in useful when trying to wear down enemy assault divisions. Given that the opponents will almost always be French 36 man battalions the extra plus for 6+ ranks would also be a boon. The 12 skirmishers speak for themselves though I'd primarily use them to protect the infantry from enemy skirmishers rather than use them offensively.
The cavalry was easier to decide on especially with the number of points I had left. I took the liberty of paying for them all as Militia which meant -1 to the figure cost. They're always classed as militia and manouvre and fight as such so I think that's probably fair. Two heavy and two light regiments plus a Cavalry Commander is about all I think I'd want, they're not much use to be honest but with four regiments you would have the option of parcelling them out, one or two per infantry division or keeping them together for shock effect (no really). The other option was to put all of the cavalry in Infantry divisions and have two Staff officers instead of a commander, but though it would have kept me under the 4000pt mark I didn't like the idea.
Finally there's the 12lb foot battery, again it helps to keep the enemy at arms length though like the rest of the artillery, pretty useless at counter battery fire due to the -1 on the to hit table that they are all inflicted with. In my defense I would point out that I did my list as a table but Blogger doesn't like tabs and has removed them all, so everything is cramped up. Please feel free to comment on the Corps I'm sure there are things that I've missed, though as far as I know there are no Spanish horse batteries.


Ged Elliott said...

What class is the artillery? and how many morale die do you give them.
For reference, the reserve art is 1st line with 3d6, the others are militia with 3d6
And I spotted 1806 (1809) at Thann!

Noel said...

I've paid for all of the artillery as first class line with 3 morale dice. I believe historically they were brave but not particularly well trained. Hence the -1 to hit.
I may have taken a little bit of license with the organisation. I only ever remember them being three guns and no howitzer in games at the centre.

Jeff said...

You'll not be dragging that enormous seige gun around with you then?