Sunday, 17 May 2009

Calpe Prussians

I picked these Calpe Prussian infantry up at a bring and buy some time ago and they've been sitting in a box patiently waiting for me to get around to painting them ever since. I had intended to get the whole battalion finished by now but as we all know only too well, the road to wargames heaven is littered with good intentions. I don't normally make a point of showing off the stuff I've painted on the blog, it smacks of egotism and to be honest I'm just not as good at it as most of the guys who produce figures for the garage. So why have I done it this time you ask? Well to be honest I've been sort of bowled over by just how good Peter Fitzgeralds figures are and more to the point how much easier they are to paint.In addition to all of this Peter produces a quite bewildering variety of poses. His figures are meticulously researched and much of this is published on his website (link at the bottom of the page).
Enough of the fanboy stuff as Chris would call it. This Wednesday should see the end of our current game, personally I think it's likely to end with more of a whisper than a bang but it's been good fun. It's also proved that as long as we don't overdo the forces we can play up the length of the table as well as across it. Of course this should mean that the first moves of the campaign might get under way which we're all looking forward to. I'll try and get an image of the map we're using on to the blog at some stage which should make things a little easier to understand, and I'll also post the rules that we've decided on. What I might also do is try and get the individual commanders to do a little piece on the battles which occur though to be honest they're about as apathetic a bunch of ***** as you could wish to meet, so we'll have to wait and see on that idea.
Finally here's the link to Calpe Miniatures:


That Fool Foot said...

Apathetic! Really?

Oh...BTW I won't be there this week : )

BFG said...

Noel...these are fantastic mate, a real credit ti the painting standards that you're achieving's all going from strength to strength!

Keep it up mate.....that said they are still Poxy Prussians, so why anyone would waste their time and talent painting the troops that get duffed regularly is beyond where did I put my Old Guard battalion?

BFG said...

Ahhh here they are with my "Old Guard" Dad!