Saturday, 9 May 2009

British 4000 point Army

Noel has challenged me to create a British army using the same rules we are for the campaign. So 4000 points, light troops cost 1 point extra (we are using the rules in the ItGM rulebook where light troops become disordered in woods less often than line, but are otherwise treated similarly).

The British are an interesting change from the Austrians I'll be using in the campaign. Smaller units, better firing (British line fire as veterans). If we go historically they should have plenty of skirmishers and fewer cavalry compared to other Allied armies.

For 4000 points I should be able to get four infantry divisions and a cavalry division, even with more expensive troops. So what I want is three standard divisions that can either hold a sector for long enough for the battle to be won elsewhere, or support the main attack which will be done by the fourth assault division.

Standard Infantry Division
General @50pts
1 * 36 1st Class Light @118pts
5 * 30 1st Class Line @350pts
18 Skirmishers (12M, 6R) @90pts
1 * 3 9pdr Line Bty @135pts

Total 743pts - three of them makes 2229pts, plenty of points left for the expensive stuff.

The assault division needs to be made up of larger units that can soak up damage and still operate, so I'll use 40 man battalions, which means the Guard and Highlanders.

Assault Division
General @50pts
1 * 40 Guard @200pts
2 * 40 Elite @320pts
3 * 40 1st Class Line @270pts
18 Skirmishers (18M) @90pts
1 * 3 9pdr Elite Bty @180pts (since there are guard I can have an elite battery which will make up for the small number of guns)

That's 1110 pts (a lot!) for a total so far of 3339. Now for some Cavalry

Cavalry Division
General @50pts
Staff Officer @27pts
2 * 24 Light Line @240pts
1 * 24 Guard Heavy @216pts (makes up for the lack of British Cuirassier)
1 * 3 9pdr Elite Horse Bty @225pts (all British horse batteries are elite and the 9pdrs make an interesting change from 6pdrs in the other armies)

That's 758pts, for a total of 4097 which is too much! Blast. The British light cavalry can be used in squadrons of 4, so two together would be an eight, that's pretty flexible. 2 * 16 Line Light @160 pts takes me down to 4017. The assault divison doesn't need so many skirmishers so 12 skirmishers @60 pts takes it down to 3987. I would have liked to have individualised the line divisions by adding a Portuguese brigade to one and some KGL light cavalry to another, but I'd have to sacrifice the guard/elites out my assault division which would weaken its impact.

Cavalry light, but heavy on the firepower. Handled well this will cause horrible casulaties to any French army it faces and that Assault division will really hurt.


Noel said...

Some good choices and I particularly like the assault division which could also act as the Corps reserve in a defensive battle. The three gun batteries would be vulnerable to counter battery and cavalry but not a lot you can do about that. I think the British may have had a horse howitzer battery which might have been useful though a bit expensive.

Chris Cornwell said...

I think the basic infantry divisions look horribly weak. 30 man units just can't take any punishment, if there was a way to upgrade them as 32's then I would (not at the expense of skirmishers though). A 30 man British line unit firing as veteran will be shot to bits by a 36 man french line btn...might be unhistorical (or might not) but its a fact in the rules.

Jeff said...

Long time since I played Napoleonics and I dont know as much about the period as I'd like to think I do, but it strikes me that if your Assault division colours and facings to indicate its Elite status (does this happen?) then your opponent will always know where the main thrust is coming and position his troops to take advantage of it......course, I could be talking total b*****ks!

Noel said...

Chris's comment about 36 man v 30 man vets is interesting. I suppose it would depend on the situation. For instance if the French arrived in column and then lined out to trade fire which was what French tactical doctrine required, would they win? Most of the accounts I've read seem to have both sides blazing away at each other for some time in this situation, I'm going to have to experiment with this one.

Chris Cornwell said...

yes, the French will win, particulary if they deploy outside of range and then move into the firefight in line. Even if they deploy at long range then they probably will. In the end it all DEPENDS...if you can busy the Brit line with a cav charge, or some such, to deploy without getting shot at, then the Frenchies will win...of course adding skirmishers/artillery for either side changes everything

BFG said...

Who's collecting this force, or is it a wish list, it looks to have been posted by Noel, but mentioons being challemged by Noel to build a force....just wondered as I have some Brits.

Noel said...

This is Eric's stab at a Brit army and was done as an exercise to see what people might come up with. Same as my Spanish army really. I'm still waiting for Chris's version.