Friday, 29 May 2009

Battle of Plauen

Things have been moving at a decent pace since I last posted a blog entry. Last week we got the first moves of the campaign done and this resulted in a clash between Erics' Austro Prussians and Nicks' French south west of Plauen. Both had advanced from their start points, Eric in Dresden and Nick in Chemnitz but Nick had caught Eric with his formation split and had managed to insert his whole corps between Erics divided forces. This gave Nick an excellent opportunity to engage a sizeable portion of Erics' force at a numerical advantage. The picture above shows the French "team" prior to starting the battle. As you can see we're using both tables for this game though what might look like snow capped mountains in the distance are in fact new terrain boards under construction. More about them in a later post.
Nick had at his immediate disposal thirty battalions, four foot batteries and forty eight skirmishers divided between four divisions one of which also had two squadrons of lancers. Opposing this Eric could only field a six battalion Prussian division, a six battalion Austrian division with a regiment of Cuirassier attached and three Prussian heavy cavalry regiments. To add to Erics woes he was also aware that Nick would be receiving reinforcements in the shape of a cavalry division before he himself could hope to see any aid arrive. Obviously this was going to be a defensive battle for the Austrians.
Eric deployed his forces with the Austrians on the right, their elite three gun 12lb'er battery had an excellent field of fire and the big forty eight man units were able to cover the area by deploying into line. The Prussians were posted on the left and tasked with securing the village to their front whilst the cavalry were held back in support of the centre. Nick had two divisions in the centre with two more coming on table in their rear. Above are the Austrian "team" strangely enough looking decidedly happier than their counterparts considering the situation. I suppose there's always more pressure in attacking, when you're defending a lot of the time you're waiting for the other guy to make the mistakes.
This final shot shows the initial deployment on the main table. Understandably considering their sparse numbers the Austrians have reduced the area they have to cover by ignoring the wooded areas at each end of the table. What is surprising is that the French with their numerical advantage have done the same. This means that they will be fighting on the same frontage as a numerically inferior enemy. So how will it all turn out? Well we're up to turn nine from a maximum of twenty four at the moment but rather than give a running commentary I've decided to wait until the end of the battle and present a round up from the viewpoint of both commanders.


Stryker said...

Hi Noel

It sounds like a fascinating battle is developing, the sort of scenario you can only get from a campaign (which I know was one of reasons you've gone for a campaign game).

Are you playing in this battle yourself or acting is umpire?


Noel said...

Hi Ian,
Actually due to the relatively low numbers involved at the moment I'm umpiring this game. Oddly enough I'm quite enjoying it though I wouldn't want to do it all of the time. Fortunately we have two umpires available for the campaign so we'll probably take turns.


BFG said...

Looks interesting, I would have thought that there may be an advantage to the Austro-Prussian alliance now, with all the French condensed on to the same frontage, the heavy cavalry and 12lb batteries should reap a harvest of French dead....Outflank Mon Brave!!! Outflank!!!

BFG said...

Mr Braddon is looking very pleased with himself! Or has he been drinking the whisky again!

Need to see the photos and get a n up to the minute report, each week mate.
French smashing the allied wings in and devouring the poor Prussians and unwieldy Austrians!

bachelu said...

I have looked at your last couple of posts. Truly epic confrontations. The Calpe Prussians look like they'll come up really well.

Hope your con't mind but I've included your blog on my list in a very new and as yet incomplete blog.


Noel said...

Hi Edward, thanks for the comments. I'm more than happy to be included on your blog and will enjoy watching it develop.