Thursday, 16 April 2009

Planning Session

There was no game last night, instead we spent most of the evening working out a set of campaign rules that we liked the sound of. What we came up with might be of interest so I'll try and outline what was decided. The first point to make is that it is not a historically accurate campaign. It is designed to generate battles between the main protagonists as well as adding an element of rivalry between commanders on the same side. The whole thing will be played out on a map of our own design with movement on roads only.
Each army will consist of three, four thousand point Corps using the ITGM points system. With the Allies being predominantly Austrian, Russian and Prussian respectively. This allows for about four divisions of infantry and a cavalry division per Corps though there are no laid down minimums or requisite troop types for any force other than a minimum of five battalions per infantry division.
Supply and casualty replacement will be based on the number of supply points owned by individual players. Each town or city on the map will furnish a set number of supply points which the owner can use to buy replacement troops for his own command. This ought to lead to some interesting developments as players compete for the available resources. In order to minimize the obligatory disagreements we've decided to nominate two people to act as umpires and they will be responsible for setting up the battlefields and resolving disputes. The umpires will still get to play but won't have commands of their own.
Anyway enough of all that for the time being, it's time for a quick word about the photos. The first one is of a Calpe Landwehr uhlan, one of twelve that I picked up on e-bay some time ago. I really like the facial expression on this particular figure. Lovely painting helped by Peter Fitzgeralds excellent sculpting. Next in line are two very nice ADC/Command figures painted by Justin Davey. Justin couldn't make it last night but he sent along these figures and the three Austrians in the final photo. Justins painting is always of a very high standard but I think these are actually the best figures he's produced to date. If I remember correctly they're Front Rank castings.
Well that's it for now, I'm looking forward to getting the campaign started and will continue to post any battle reports here on the Blog.


Peeler said...

Look forward to reading on the Campaign and gamereports. Looking good!

Chris Cornwell said...

Sounds cracking Noel, the only thing I would suggest (and doubtless, you've thought of this) is that if you are using the points values in the rules is to limit the number of skirmishers a player can probably 2 per infantry battalion....otherwise...

Noel said...

The only real limitation at the moment is the number of actual figures available. Our corps are a bit infantry heavy beacause there's a dearth of heavy cavalry especially for the french. That will hopefully be remedied in July as I'm hoping to have at least another four regiments by then.