Saturday, 25 April 2009

More Thoughts on the Campaign

We seem to be coming to an agreement on what it is we want from our campaign and another evening of discussion plus a flurry of emails has left us with the following rough outline. Firstly it's a strictly non historical clash of three corps per side, each of 4000 points using the points listed in the ITGM rules. We've placed very little restriction on what each individual commander can choose as this is meant to be a preliminary campaign in order to allow us to decide what we want to keep and what will have to go. The only real restriction on troop selection is the number and type of troops available for use. For instance the French in particular are desperately short of cavalry and though this should be remedied by July each French commander is restricted to a maximum of two heavy cavalry and three light cavalry regiments.
The 4000 point limit should allow for a force of three to four divisions plus artillery and a decent cavalry arm. This will probably be expanded to 5000 points in any future campaign but should be ample for now. In an attempt to keep the whole thing as simple as possible we've decided against having any of the frills that we originally thought of. For instance there'll be no new units and no class improvement for units which perform well. Each corps will be able to replace losses from battles based on the number of towns and villages it controls, something like ten points for a city and five for a town. These points can then be spent in the same way as the original 4000 points with no stockpiling allowed. This should provide some entertainment as corps from the same side vie for supply points.
Finally just a quick update on what we're up to at the moment, Justin came up with a scenario loosely based on the battle of Teugn Hausen which we kicked off on thursday night. French versus Austrians and Russians but this time we're playing along the length of one of the tables. This should see us through until we have our first campaign battle and I'll post some photos in the next update.

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Chris Cornwell said... my "cheese list" would be no good, too much French cavalry...I'd have to lose 1 Light and 1 heavy regt...this would mean a saving of 312 which case I'd have another 6Ib btty in one division (130) + 2 more 1st class btns (144) + 6 more skirmishers (30)...
So I'd end up with 29 btns, 5 bttys (!), 84 skirms. 2 x light regt, 1 lancer, I hvy, i cuiraissier. Thats bloody marvellous!