Friday, 3 April 2009

Hapsburgs Resurgent

I suppose it's one of the great attractions of wargaming that you never know what blind chance, or even the enemy might do to affect the outcome. We continued our current game last night with the Allies under heavy presuure in the centre and with little success on either flank. At the end of the evening the result still remains in the balance. The Austrians on the right have finally completed their three point turn and are now forcing the issue with the French left. This has come at a cost, the Austrian Grenadier division has been badly mauled and is currently routing from the field. However the remaining two line divisions look like breaking through and the French command will have to consider whether they can afford to continue advancing in the centre with their flank in such a dangerous state.
On the Allied left, the warriors of Holy Russia with the help of some Prussian firepower have succeeded in ejecting the Young Guard division from the walled enclosure. The youngsters held on doggedly at first and even managed a counter attack but Russian numbers told in the end and what's left of the Young Guard are now streaming back towards their own lines. This of course raises yet another flank problem for the French. Both flanks are now either compromised or in danger of becoming so. The French have boldly pushed three of their five divisions through the centre supported by all of their cavalry but this has left them in danger of being cut off. At least one division will need to be diverted to stem the advance of the Russians while the ability of the remaining two to take the Prussian centre remains in doubt due to losses already incurred.
In fact the Prussians are now squaring up to deliver a counter attack of their own. To be fair this has largely been made possible by the terrible morale dice that Eric has been throwing for the French centre. The Prussian infantry are now in a postition to charge down off their ridge into the partially stalled French lead division. However this is a risky option as there are no more Prussian reserves and it would probably be better for the Prussians to hold out and await the Austrian and Russian pincers to close. Next week should see the end of this particular game, though I was pretty confident it would all be over last night. Whatever the outcome it'll be posted here.
Finally, brownie points if you know where I nicked the title for this blog entry.

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