Tuesday, 3 March 2009

The Old Shed

I thought it might be worthwhile to show people the forerunner of the present garage. Always referred to as "the shed" it was in fact Dom Fielders garage in which he had built a 15ft by 6ft table. The games we played here were a little more varied in period than those played in the present garage and ranged from ancients to, on a couple of occasions 40K.
We had a sizeable collection of 15mm Napoleonics, some ACW, even some Zulu war figures and of course thousands upon thousands of 1/300th WW2 stuff. I'd have to say that if the Wargames Holiday Centre was my inspiration for setting up my own garage then it was Dom's shed that showed me it could be done.
The present garage wasn't actually intended to be a replacement for the shed. However peoples situations change and the shed disappeared into history, meaning that all of our weekly games have now transferred to my place. In truth this is probably what has driven the relatively rapid expansion of the garage into its present state. Considering there wasn't so much as one painted 28mm figure before September 2006 it's developed very quickly. Which I suppose proves the sad truth that blokes who would take months to put up a shelf can be relied upon to enter into a frenzy of activity in order to play with toy soldiers.
Here's a very young looking Dom appearing somewhat pleased with himself. Alongside him is the almost ubiquitous Nick Foot who has the strange ability of appearing in other peoples photos, usually looking directly at the camera. As you can see Dom has loads of the two foot square terrain tiles which he uses for his Mega-games so we had plenty of choice in creating scenarios. There was some temptation to use them in the garage but I went for three foot square boards instead and am glad that I did despite the extra work and expense. Dom still uses the terrain for his week long games, which are currently run in the very picturesque Cornish seaport of Falmouth. If you're interested there's a link to his blog on the right. Though personally I'd rather torture kittens than play WW2 especially in 1/300 scale, I'm assured by those sad fools who return year after year that it's great fun.

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That Fool Foot said...

Geeting into photos is an uncanny ability, it entirely natural I really have no idea how I do it!!