Friday, 20 March 2009

No Brief Encounter

Yes I know it's a cheesy title but I really couldn't think of anything better. Even Shakespeare had his off days you know. Anyway back to the picture. The French attack in the centre gathers momentum as this fresh division is thrown forward to support the left flank of the tiring Poles and Confederation troops. Opposing them is what little remains of the two light and one heavy Prussian cavalry regiments, who's only real hope is to slow them down in the seemingly vain hope that the Austrian right hook will eventually materialise. At the moment they appear to be heading for Vienna but with luck might turn in time to make it for the post match round up and a spot of souvenir hunting. Oddly in keeping with their famed stubborness and inflexibility, they have followed their orders to the letter and are continuing to march towards deployment areas which by now have little relevance.
I particularly like this next shot which shows the Isembourg and a battalion of Kleve Berg moments before assaulting the Prussian battery in the foreground. Fortunately for the Prussians the Isembourg weren't up for it after receiving cannister and left the Kleve boys to do the bayonet work. Almost miraculously the gunners fought on for three rounds supported by two fresh battalions and were able hold their ground. However victory came at a hefty price and the battery is finished as a fighting unit. Also worthy of a mention in despatches were one of new Wurtemburg battalions which despite eventually sustaining fifty per cent casualties, charged and defeated a Prussian line.
In the final shot for this blog entry here's a couple of squadrons of Prussian heavies in the act of charging a French six pounder battery. Believe it or not one of them actually made it in and in the ensuing melee managed to cut down most of the gunners and rout the battery. So the battle as it stands at the moment seems to have swung in favour of the French. On the Allied left the Russians are taking a very long time to capture the settlement whilst in the centre two more French divisions are starting to force the Prussians further back. The French left holds firm and has even forayed out against the Austrians while they dither in the woods. It's not over yet but there's a phrase that keeps coming into my head about having the right troops in the right place at the right time. Just can't seem to remember what it was right now.....


BFG said...

You mention pre-determined deployment for the Austrians. Does this mean that the Austrians are mostly still off table, or is their a little lack lustre in their offensive will?
Big Austrian 48's should smash 36 man Frenchies!!!

Get in to 'em!!

BFG said...

Oh I forgot to mention as well....the camera shots all look great, I particularly like the Isembourg shot!

The central division of French coming in to the fray looks smashing too!

Not sure about the Staff officer in charge though! He's bloody doesn't bode well in the portents!?!? I can't wait for the next installment!

Noel said...

The first Austrians to arrive have been on since about turn 3 and were followed in quick succesion by the rest, but have continued to march at an oblique angle to the fighting in an effort to get into position to swing around and attack the French left. Unfortunately they're still marching and the allied centre is beginning to crumble.

Chris Cornwell said...

These pics are cracking....were they natural light or flash? I'm guessing the former...See? You should always listen to your old Uncle Chris

Noel said...

Chris - Yes I took your advice oh sage one, and used natural light. I'm quite pleased with the way they came out as well. See you at Salute, is JL doing a game this year?