Sunday, 1 March 2009

More Problems

A big thankyou to Ian who has now solved my hit counter problems, it was something to do with re-routing the encryption code and diverting more power to the flux capacitor, simple really once you know how. However I had a startling experience yesterday when I went to close Blogger down. For some reason it started opening up multiple copies of itself on my monitor and I couldn't stop it. I tried various things like shouting at it and looking away to see if it was doing it to annoy me but all to no avail. Eventually I had to restart the machine. Consequently my hit counter has nearly doubled its tally of visitors.
My next project will be to fit a slide show somewhere which should be fun, though Dom's coming around next week and he's already done one on his site so he will be playing the role of resident expert.
Anyway enough of Blogger, I started this blog to showcase the garage and it's occupants so my latest pictorial offering is the Gluchkov Cuirassier painted by Neil Sheardown. These lads haven't seen any action yet as they've only just arrived so I'm trying to devise a scenario in which they'll take centre stage.
In this shot you can see that Neils done a very nice job of modifying one of the figures to provide a standard bearer. Again these figures are from Pete Morbey at Elite Miniatures. I tend to buy a lot of my stuff from Pete, he has an excellent range and his figures are very competitively priced. One of the best things he does though is produce unit packs. This means that lazy sods like myself don't have to go to the trouble of specifying how many packs of each figure are required for a given unit. I just order battalions at a time and what's even better is that the units are discounted.

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Stryker said...

Glad to be of help! Those Cuirassiers sure look the business. I've often thought that I would want Elite figures if I ever ventured into 28mm, they have real character. You have a very impressive set-up - I look forward to seeing more...