Sunday, 29 March 2009

Long Weekend

I've just got back from a long weekend at Mark Freith's place where a few of us got together to celebrate Stephen Scotts' 40th birthday. I had a great time as always and was able to get in a few games as well as a visit to "Salute 2009" at the Excel centre in East London. The first game was a Warhammer 40K game with some blokes with lots of armour on one side, and some others whose name I forget on the other. I would be an abject liar if I were to pretend I enjoyed it. To be honest it was awful and I can't imagine what the attraction of 40k is. It just appears to me to be an exercise in stacking the dice as much in your favour as possible and then relying on blind luck. There will probably be howls of protest from committed 40k'ers but that's my opinion. We seemed to spend most of the time poring over various "codexes", a name invented to make army lists sound sexy, finding out if there were extra dice for having a new hat or an auntie in Bognor.
Our second game was a Warhammer Ancient Battles clash between Romans and Carthaginians. I surprised myself by quite enjoying this game as I've never been a huge fan of ancients. The rules are relatively simple and quick to play, though that might not necessarily appeal to the purist. Yet they seem to reflect the push and shove of how ancient battles have always appeared to my limited knowledge of the period.
Finally we played an ACW game in 15mm which was very good. We used Fire and Fury rules and I was unlucky enough to to have a poor Corps commander and a poor Divisional commander which made it very difficult to keep my Union troops moving. The first photo shows part of the game where the Rebs, tired of waiting for the bluebellies to arrive, attacked through broken ground which negated many of their advantages. The result was an interesting close fought game which sadly we didn't have time to finish.
The final shot is a side by side one of the new Kleve-Berg battalion and it's counterpart. Julian Watts painted both using different undercoats for each battalion and reckons he can tell the difference. I just think they're both equally gorgeous, especially with their new GMB flags.


BFG said...

You hid it well about the 40K mate! I would never have guessed. In fact Birthday boy and I dived straight in to another game as soon as you was great!
Joking aside I will now know never to put this in front of you again.
I am really glad that you enjoyed the WAB game, especially as I let you's a sure fire way to get ones interest piqued, sadly no-one seems to want to pique mine!
The ACW was indeed a fab game, it has re-ignited my interest and caused me to think on getting my artillery sorted out for the bigger games, Stephen has even suggested getting more bases for the regiments by reducing the 4 figure bases to three's. Food for thought!
I personally can't wait to get down to the Garage and sample some of the terrain and figures presented here in your blog.....keep up the good work Mr Belson!

Noel said...

Has he made the tank yet?

I agree with the 3 men to a base idea for the ACW figures, it's what we did with ours.

So when are you going come down?

BFG said...

Thinking of end of May, 21st to 23rd inc. Go Home on the Sunday 24th.
This will help with J's busy diary and allow for the proverbial brownie point build up.
I myself would and could come down on Monday afternoon of next week and then go home the following week. ;-)