Monday, 9 March 2009

I Need A Decent Camera

I'm going to have to bite the bullet and shell out for a decent camera. My present camera just isn't up to the job as can be witnessed by the picture above. Believe it or not this is the best of nearly two dozen attempts, taken in varying light conditions and locations, and using different camera settings. It's supposed to be Prussian Cuirassiers in Litewkas, part of a twenty four man regiment which is my current painting project. Having painted the collars in the facing colour I discovered that they were always red, but I think the blue looks better so it stays. Not of course that it's easy to tell from the picture. At the moment I'm heavily reliant on Neil Braddon in his role of official garage photographer, but he's been unable to attend much of late and I'm running out of decent photographs. So I'll be trawling the internet for recomendations and special offers in the near future. If of course you have any suggestions please feel free to let me know.
So I'm now showing what the news people always refer to as "library Images". This shot is of an irresistable mass of Austrians, commanded by Duncan Stradling at the WHC if my memory serves me right. There's a certain ponderous inevitability about the big Austrian forty eight man battalions. They seem to shrug off casualties as they steam roller forwards and they take an age to wear down. Though I still have to say that the Russians are my favourite army I'm beginning to develop a liking for the boys in white.
One final piece of news is that I had an email from Neil Sheardown to inform me that the last four battalions and the skirmishers for the Westfalian division were in the post. Hopefully they'll arrive tomorrow and will certainly be featuring very shortly on the blog, of course I'll need Neil B's camera to do them justice until I get one of my own.


Chris Cornwell said...

I know diddly-squat about cameras, but the one I'm using these days is a Pentax, which i find very friendly. The crucial thing (I think) is that it has both a macro and a super-macro setting, which enables one to go in very close.It also works well in natural light as flash always seems to look shite with wargames figures.
Trouble is it actually belongs to my missus and she wants it back, but whenever I look at replacements it seems difficult to discover whether they have the macro and supermacro features. I haven't yet got a little tripod but I think thats the next step.
(you've got loads of pics! I sent you hundreds)

Stryker said...

Hi - your photo looks fine to me. You might be better off just getting some basic photo software for your PC rather than a new camera. I use the 'quickfix' option on mine (Snapfire) as I know nothing about digital photography. That usually brightens up the picture to an acceptable standard. As far as the camera goes I agree you must have a macro function and don't take any shots with the flash but you don't need to spend a fortune on a really expensive bit of kit!