Friday, 13 March 2009

Encounter Battle

Our latest game is an encounter battle in which we're trialling the new light infantry battalion rules. As you can see from the photographs some of the blokes brought their own cameras around last night and there is a clear improvement over mine. These were taken by Eric and then uploaded to photobucket from where I then downloaded them. We tried plugging Erics' memory chip thing into my computer but it wasn't having any of it. Anyway the end result is some much nicer pictures. This first one shows the French right where a walled settlement is about to be assaulted by a combination of Russians and Prussians. Walled areas can prove extremely difficult to hold using ITGM rules. There's limited space for reinforcements during a melee and corners can be particularly vulnerable as it's hard to get much firepower into play. Sometimes it's easier to defend them from the rear though scenarios and victory conditions may not always make this possible.
Here's the same settlement from a slightly different angle showing the Prussians advancing in the background. There was a sharp firefight at one of the walls resulting in one French battalion routing, but there's plenty of fight left in them yet and it will be no easy task to take control of the whole thing. For those familiar with ITGM rules but unfamiliar with the LI variant, skirmish buildings can't be occupied and are purely a terrain feature, blocking movement. This final shot gives a better view of the battlefield in general and is taken from the French left looking across to the centre. It shows the massed French battalions advancing against what is in fact a rather weak Allied centre, held only by one division of Prussians. However just out of shot to the left are three large Austrian divisions about to attempt a right hook. The question for the French I suppose is do they push on and smash through the centre leaving their left flank vulnerable or take on the Austrians as the debouch from the woods? Only time will tell, but I'll try to get some shots of it as it happens and post them here.
Finally we also took some pictures of the Westfalian division en masse and I'll get those in the next post.

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