Friday, 27 February 2009

Wurtemburgers and Much More

As promised here is a shot of one of Chris Cornwells Wurtemburger battalions, and very nice they are too. There are two battalions at present and these will eventually be joined by another four battalions and a foot battery. The figures I believe are from firing line. Correct me if I'm wrong Chris. Oddly enough Chris was bemoaning the lack of good Wurtemburg figures and then all of a sudden Pete Morbey at Elite Miniatures releases a new range of them which, by the way look excellent.
Our current game finished last night with a winning draw for the French. The Austrians on the Allied right took their objective but the Prussians (centre) were unable to maintain enough pressure and were forced back. On the left the Russians despite initial successes were stymied by the late arrival of a French cavalry division on their flank which put paid to any thoughts of further progress.
Here's a shot of the enthusiastic Prussian Landwehr (Silesians I think) looking to mix it with the more experienced French line. Predictably it all ended in tears. The scenario itself worked well and provided us with a game that initially looked like a walkover for the allies, however certain caveats were put in place in order to curtail any allied co-operation. Each allied commander was shown a list of the reserves available to him with the stipulation that only the first commander to take his objective would recieve them. This led the allies to dispense with artillery softening up in favour of a headlong infantry assault. This was fine for the Austrians, who faced with just a six battalion young guard division had two large infantry divisons and a relatively sheltered approach to their target. Whereas the Russians had large areas of open ground to cover and the Prussians had difficult terrain to deal with.
More Landwehr, these are Westfalians, from Elite Miniatures. In an attempt to increase my output I kept these as simple as possible, lots of dry brushing and not too many colours. I painted for two hours a night, for five nights to finish them but didn't really enjoy it that much. I'm pretty happy with the way they turned out, though I can't help thinking the horse looks like George from Rainbow. I'm now back to my old ways of producing figures at a more glacial pace.


Chris Cornwell said...

Do you black undercoat, Sir?

Noel said...

Indeed I do Sir, do you?

BFG said...

Who wouldn't!?!