Saturday, 28 February 2009

Blogger Problems

I suppose it must be a generational thing but I just can't seem to get on with computers. What seems like a perfectly simple operation becomes a minefield of jargon and blind alleys. Take for instance my latest attempt to improve the blog. I've added a hit counter, (mainly to find out if anyones actually reading this rubbish) and everything was fine until I added another post. Because the hit counter is also a post it's dropped down below the latest one. I contacted Chris C to find out if he had this problem and he reckons he did but "it sorts itself out, mainly through witchcraft". As you can see, Chris is from the same generation as myself. I now find myself opening the blog whenever I'm near the computer to see if it's moved to the top again. Consequently half of the hits I'm getting are probably from me. The bloody thing still hasn't moved and will more than likely move even further down the blog once I publish this post. Visits to the site I downloaded the counter from yield nothing in the form of help and so it looks as if my counter will shortly sink beneath the waves into the murky depths of older posts.
As if that wasn't enough, I find that when I actually add a post to the blog it appears differently to the previews that I get before pressing the publish button. In the previews complete words are always printed on the same line but in the published article they are broken up and put on different lines. In the last post I had a comma just sitting there on its own. Minor points you may think but it annoys the crap out of me.
before I go on I'd better explain the photo, this is my first ever attempt at painting 28mm figures. I found it on the computer the other day and I'm surprised at how much my painting technique has changed in the intervening two years. The figures are Old Glory Russians of which I still have quite a few unpainted. They're not too bad to paint but suffer from very badly sculpted faces. Some of them would put a gargoyle to shame.
I recently realised that I was showcasing all the best figures in the garage and that it probably was giving people the wrong impression. Therefore I've added these venerable Minifigs which belong to Eric Grove-Stephenson to the blog to show there are no prejudices against older figures. Admittedly they are much smaller and less defined than their more modern counterparts but there are 48 of them and they can fight as well as any other troops. So until I'm in the happy situation of having surplus Austrians they will be appearing on the table whenever they're needed.


Stryker said...

Hi - I find Blogger exceptionally annoying as well, mostly it's placing pictures that drives me crazy.

By putting your hit-counter as a post you are correct that it will eventually disappear off the page! Go to the Dashboard and click on the 'Layouts' tab. Then click 'Add a Gadget' then click 'HTML/JavaScript' and paste your hit-counter script there. It will then appear on your blog without moving about.

Well, at least this proves that I am reading your blog so that has to be one hit! Nice pics - really like those Russians...


Chris Cornwell said...

Old Glory Gargoyles....hmmm some of them are bloody horrible..I found the other day another (!) 2 x48 btns of OG French guard that I'd forgotten about. I painted 2 about a million years ago and am not sure if I can bring myself to do them, and their Guard figs are among the better ones.
Not sure about the hit counter, I would like mine up in the side bit, but at the moment it just keeps re-appearing in every post, which is not so bad, I think I'll leave well alone.

Noel said...

Ian - many thanks for the help it proved invaluable. The counter is now sorted.

Truegrit said...

Doh! you should have called me m8, Im sure i could have worked it out!

I remember going to a Figure shop with my brother about 30 years ago and he would buy loads of those Minifig soldiers, then just sit at home drooling over how good they were... GOD THEY LOOK CRAP NOW THOUGH!