Saturday, 28 February 2009

Blogger Problems

I suppose it must be a generational thing but I just can't seem to get on with computers. What seems like a perfectly simple operation becomes a minefield of jargon and blind alleys. Take for instance my latest attempt to improve the blog. I've added a hit counter, (mainly to find out if anyones actually reading this rubbish) and everything was fine until I added another post. Because the hit counter is also a post it's dropped down below the latest one. I contacted Chris C to find out if he had this problem and he reckons he did but "it sorts itself out, mainly through witchcraft". As you can see, Chris is from the same generation as myself. I now find myself opening the blog whenever I'm near the computer to see if it's moved to the top again. Consequently half of the hits I'm getting are probably from me. The bloody thing still hasn't moved and will more than likely move even further down the blog once I publish this post. Visits to the site I downloaded the counter from yield nothing in the form of help and so it looks as if my counter will shortly sink beneath the waves into the murky depths of older posts.
As if that wasn't enough, I find that when I actually add a post to the blog it appears differently to the previews that I get before pressing the publish button. In the previews complete words are always printed on the same line but in the published article they are broken up and put on different lines. In the last post I had a comma just sitting there on its own. Minor points you may think but it annoys the crap out of me.
before I go on I'd better explain the photo, this is my first ever attempt at painting 28mm figures. I found it on the computer the other day and I'm surprised at how much my painting technique has changed in the intervening two years. The figures are Old Glory Russians of which I still have quite a few unpainted. They're not too bad to paint but suffer from very badly sculpted faces. Some of them would put a gargoyle to shame.
I recently realised that I was showcasing all the best figures in the garage and that it probably was giving people the wrong impression. Therefore I've added these venerable Minifigs which belong to Eric Grove-Stephenson to the blog to show there are no prejudices against older figures. Admittedly they are much smaller and less defined than their more modern counterparts but there are 48 of them and they can fight as well as any other troops. So until I'm in the happy situation of having surplus Austrians they will be appearing on the table whenever they're needed.

Friday, 27 February 2009

Wurtemburgers and Much More

As promised here is a shot of one of Chris Cornwells Wurtemburger battalions, and very nice they are too. There are two battalions at present and these will eventually be joined by another four battalions and a foot battery. The figures I believe are from firing line. Correct me if I'm wrong Chris. Oddly enough Chris was bemoaning the lack of good Wurtemburg figures and then all of a sudden Pete Morbey at Elite Miniatures releases a new range of them which, by the way look excellent.
Our current game finished last night with a winning draw for the French. The Austrians on the Allied right took their objective but the Prussians (centre) were unable to maintain enough pressure and were forced back. On the left the Russians despite initial successes were stymied by the late arrival of a French cavalry division on their flank which put paid to any thoughts of further progress.
Here's a shot of the enthusiastic Prussian Landwehr (Silesians I think) looking to mix it with the more experienced French line. Predictably it all ended in tears. The scenario itself worked well and provided us with a game that initially looked like a walkover for the allies, however certain caveats were put in place in order to curtail any allied co-operation. Each allied commander was shown a list of the reserves available to him with the stipulation that only the first commander to take his objective would recieve them. This led the allies to dispense with artillery softening up in favour of a headlong infantry assault. This was fine for the Austrians, who faced with just a six battalion young guard division had two large infantry divisons and a relatively sheltered approach to their target. Whereas the Russians had large areas of open ground to cover and the Prussians had difficult terrain to deal with.
More Landwehr, these are Westfalians, from Elite Miniatures. In an attempt to increase my output I kept these as simple as possible, lots of dry brushing and not too many colours. I painted for two hours a night, for five nights to finish them but didn't really enjoy it that much. I'm pretty happy with the way they turned out, though I can't help thinking the horse looks like George from Rainbow. I'm now back to my old ways of producing figures at a more glacial pace.

Sunday, 22 February 2009

Friday, 20 February 2009

Remember Me?

I have to admit that my input to this blog has been a little disappointing of late though I should take the time to thank Julian Whaites for his excellent series on how to paint if you are one step down from Rembrandt. I of course will continue to churn out my figures using a variety of nozzle sizes.
I've just had a quick peek at Chris Cornwells' blog in which he mentions the Wurtemburgers that he's painted for me. "like a twat I forgot to take any pictures of them" he complains. However I can remedy the situation, not Chris being a twat you understand, he is irredeemable. No, I shall furnish you dear reader with photographs of said Wurtemburgers in my next entry. That is once I've cajoled Neil Braddon, otherwise known as the King of camera shake, to bring his dead posh digital pentax along to the garage again.
But enough of my ramblings, lets face it you're only here to look at the pictures so feast your eyes on the little darlings above. These Von Vecsey Hussars are just some of the Austrians that I was lucky enough to get hold of recently and Kev, the extremely nice guy who painted them is going to do another squadron to make it thirty in all. Click on the photo to get a proper idea of the amount of detail Kev gets into his figures, personally I think they're gorgeous.
There have been several new additions to the garage roll call of late. I've already mentioned Chris's Wurtemburgers and in addition to those the ever prolific and very talented Neil Sheardown has produced yet more lovely infantry along with a regiment of Russian Cuirassier. I'll get Neil B to do some pics of those when he can get away from dogsitting. Above are some more of Kev's Austrians about to assault a village held by the Young Guard in our latest game, Francophobes will be pleased to hear that they succeeded. Though it isn't over just yet as the Froggies have reinforced with two fresh infantry divisions and the Austrians are getting a little worn out. These along with various other aquisitions have pushed the French count up to around fifty battalions though they are still sorely lacking in heavy cavalry.
Fortunately this shortfall should be remedied over the coming year or so as Neil Sheardown is now in possession of nine regiments worth of metal ( five French and four Russian ) upon which he will weave his magic.
The final shot for this entry shows a battalion of grenadiers lining the edge of a wood supported by two line battalions and is again a snapshot from our latest battle, these brave chaps have since frontally charged a six pounder battery and despite heavy losses carried the position.