Monday, 5 January 2009

The Undercoat

OK, so what I’m trying to do [just in case you had forgotten!] is to teach myself to paint using a different technique, to paint faster yet still keep the quality and the enjoyment.

So the first thing I decided to look at is the undercoat... there are generally two trains of thought here, I use a white undercoat and everyone else uses black!

I have always used a white undercoat for several reasons, firstly because I find the colours look better on it and secondly because I find that if you use a dark undercoat you can’t see the detail on the figure. I paint using blocks of colour and then highlighting and shading, which is hard to do if you can’t see the detail.

So anyway, the whole point of using a dark undercoat is so that you can cheat a bit on the painting, therefore making it easier to paint quicker. So if I’m going to paint quicker I need to change the colour of my undercoat... so black it is.

I have done some tests using a black undercoat, and have achieved almost identical results on some Burg infantry which I am painting for Noel. Here are a couple of figures, one painted with a white undercoat and one with black. The main difference is the time it takes, it’s definitely faster painting on black.

Now I don’t want to change the way I paint completely as I still want to enjoy it so I’m going to have to try and learn a few tricks of my own to make painting on black easier.

I have actually now finished my first battalion using a black undercoat and it looks great, was faster and I definately enjoyed the process... So the next few posts will break down the process and hopefully give you a few pointers.

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